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DBS checks are available to all employers wishing to make sensible recruitment decisions. But, when it comes to the application process, it can get quite overwhelming to know where to begin. This is particularly the case due to the fact that there are three types of DBS check: basic, standard and enhanced. Here at The Check People, we offer all three types of checks.

What Is A Standard DBS Check?

A standard DBS check provides a middle ground between basic DBS checks and enhanced DBS checks. Standard DBS checks allow employers to find details about spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings and police reprimands. Unlike enhanced DBS checks, you will not be able to find information about barred lists on standard DBS checks.

What Jobs Require Standard DBS Checks?

As a general rule of thumb, standard DBS checks are only required when a job involves working with children or vulnerable people. However, you can also apply for a standard DBS check if the job involves working with sensitive data

Industries that usually require standard DBS checks include:

  • Childcare/education
  • Health and social care
  • Financial services/accountancy
  • Legal services
  • Dental practices

It’s important for all of the above industries to hire people which they know they can trust. Some criminal convictions make it illegal for some people to work in these roles.

Who Can Apply For A Standard DBS Check?

Standard DBS checks cannot be applied for by individuals – the employer must lead the process. This is incredibly simple to do through The Check People.

Applying for a standard DBS check online means that you don’t have to worry about any nasty paperwork. Instead, you just need to fill out an online application form with verified information about your employee. From here, we will get to work on processing your application. Once everything has been processed, the applicant can expect to receive their standard DBS check certificate within 14 days. We will get in touch if there are any issues.

Can The Self-Employed Apply For A Standard DBS Check?

As it stands, self-employed people cannot apply for a standard DBS check. Standard DBS checks are for employers only; the self-employed have no reason to need to make a recruitment decision on themselves.