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Basic DBS Check

When it comes to recruiting, an applicant needs to prove that they are fit for the job. And, as well as this, the employer needs to make the best recruitment decision possible. This is where DBS checks – also known as criminal record checks – come in handy

What Is A Basic DBS Check?

There are three different types of DBS check: a basic DBS check, standard DBS check, and enhanced DBS check. If you can tell by the names, a basic DBS check is the least detailed, whereas an enhanced DBS check is the most thorough.

A basic DBS check provides an easy-to-read report of an applicant’s criminal record. Unlike other types of checks, a basic DBS check can be carried out by an individual as well as an employer.

Although it’s the least detailed Disclosure and Barring Service check available, a basic DBS check still provides you with enough information to make the hiring process easy. Information found on a basic DBS check includes:

  • Unspent convictions
  • Conditional cautions

If the applicant has any spent convictions, they will not show up on the basic DBS check. To obtain this information, a standard or enhanced DBS check will be required.

What Jobs Require A Basic Disclosure Check?

The great thing about basic DBS checks is that absolutely anyone can apply for them. While some jobs demand basic DBS checks before hiring, others use them for added peace of mind. Jobs that tend to request basic DBS checks include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Delivery companies
  • Administrators
  • Warehouse workers

If the job involves working with sensitive information or vulnerable people, it’s recommended to get a higher level of check.

Who Can Apply For A Basic DBS Check? 

A basic disclosure check is the only type of Disclosure and Barring Check that can be carried out by an individual. DBS checks at higher levels only allow the employer to request for them. Due to these relaxed rules, absolutely anyone looking to apply for a job can request for a basic DBS check. Whether you’re a huge organisation or individual hoping to get hired, you have full freedom to apply for a basic DBS check

How To Request A Basic DBS Check

It’s super simple to apply for a basic DBS check online, right here at The Check People. Get in touch today, fill out our online application form, and pay a small set-up fee. From here, our skilled team will get to work on checking and processing your application. Before you know it, your basic DBS certificate will be in your hands!