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Why Is A DBS Check Needed?

When applying for a job, you may be asked to complete a DBS check or provide information so that the company can apply for a DBS check on your behalf. While many businesses will require a DBS check nowadays, it may not be something that you have encountered before. This is especially true if you have held roles that did not require a DBS check before, or you are entering the workforce for the first time. So why is a DBS check needed?

What is a DBS Check?

A DBS check is an application that employees or volunteers are required to complete prior to starting work at a company or organisation. They are designed to detail the criminal history of the applicant and prove whether they are eligible to start work in the desired role.

DBS checks evolved from CRB checks, which is what you were required to apply for prior to 2012. This involved a combination of the CRB and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to collect all requirements under a single umbrella body.

Companies will ask for a DBS for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is company policy and others it is a legal requirement. Even if it is not company policy or required by law, as DBS check may still be requested.

DBS Check

Benefits of Getting a DBS Check

There are many benefits of getting a DBS check, and these benefits apply not only to you but also the company or hiring organisation, too.

For You

DBS checks can bring many advantages for the individual applying for a role. When applying for and receiving a DBS check, you can prove that they can trust you to carry out the desired role or position in the company.

  • You gain the trust of the employer
  • You gain the trust of employees
  • You are supported should an incident occur
  • You are more employable
  • You can transfer your DBS certificate between jobs (if you use the Update Service)
  • You may be entitled to benefits or compensation from a Union

With these benefits, it’s worth applying for a Basic DBS check, and as DBS checks do not expire, you can show existing certificates to prospective employers should you change jobs. However, some jobs may not accept it depending on the amount of time that has passed since they issued the certificate.

For the Company or Organisation

Businesses and organisations can also benefit from carrying out DBS checks. These benefits include:

  • Increased security and safety for employees and customers
  • Increased safety of sensitive information
  • Your business is supported in the event of an incident
  • You can ensure all employers are legally fit to work in the UK
  • You can hire trustworthy and suitable employees

Certain organisations can accept employees with Basic DBS checks. However, this is not always true, as places such as schools and hospitals will need to apply for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks on behalf of the applicant.

While this may seem unnecessary sometimes, it is worth applying for these DBS checks to ensure everyone you employ is suitable to work for your company and fill the role required.

Who Needs a DBS Check

A DBS check can benefit any business, but some companies may not require one. However, there are industries which will always require a DBS check, regardless of the role you are hired for. These can include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Children’s homes
  • Care Homes
  • Solicitors and Barristers
  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Accountants

DBS checks are needed for these jobs as you will be working with vulnerable people and you may also handle legal matters or a lot of money. The DBS check is used to give the employer peace of mind when allowing you to work in such capacities.

DBS Check

How to Apply for a DBS Check

You can fill out a DBS check online application form, which is the easiest and most fool-proof way of applying for a DBS check, alternatively, you can also apply by post, but this involves mailing the completed form to the DBS yourself, rather than submitting it electronically.

There is also the potential for mistakes when completing an online form, and this can hinder how quickly the DBS check is returned for you to start work.

Because of the different levels of DBS check, individuals can only apply for Basic DBS checks themselves. If they require a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, this is something the hiring company or organisation must do on their behalf.

Why Is a DBS Check Needed?

DBS checks have become a standard whenever applying for a job or volunteer position and it can provide you with more employability options when searching for a job. Understanding your criminal record history can help employers and recruiters have more faith in you and trust that their business, employees, clients, and customers are protected.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any additional questions you might have.