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Who Will Pay For My DBS Check?

It has become increasingly common to get asked for a DBS check when applying for a particular job or volunteering role. To put it simply, DBS checks will show an employer your criminal record, establishing whether you’ve committed any crimes in the past. While not all jobs will require a DBS check, it’s important to prepare yourself for one, just in case.

Do You Have To Pay For A DBS Check?

In most instances, your employer will pay for a DBS check for you. However, there is no law which says this should be the case, so don’t be surprised if your employer asks you to sort it yourself. Applying for a DBS check is incredibly simple, and thanks to modern technology, it can now be done online. Here at The Check People, we make applying for a DBS check online as simple as can be. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Pay For A DBS Check

Will An Employer Pay For My DBS Check?

As mentioned in the previous point, your employer will probably pay for your DBS check. All they will need is your permission and a few basic details to get started. From here, the DBS check will go ahead, and the employer will receive your results.

You will often find that job applications will mention whether a DBS check is needed or not. This is particularly evident when the employer is paying; they won’t want to waste money conducting a check on an applicant who know they won’t pass. If there is no mentioning of the DBS check on the application, there is no harm in asking the employer yourself!

How Much Does A DBS Check Cost?

To successfully receive a DBS application, you are expected to pay a small cost, whether it be directly to the government or to a third-party service. As of 1st October 2019, the prices of a DBS check are as follows:

  • Basic DBS Check: £23
  • Standard DBS Check: £23
  • Enhanced DBS Check: £40

With basic and standard DBS checks being the most common, the costs shouldn’t raise too many alarm bells. However, enhanced DBS checks are far more thorough and therefore more expensive; speak to your employer about covering the costs for this if you feel they are unjust. It is very rare for an employer to expect you to pay for an enhanced DBS check.

The Cost Of DBS Checks For Volunteers

There are very few instances in which a DBS check will be free, however there is an exception for those volunteering to work with vulnerable people. While all the information on the certificate stays the same, no costs are required when completing a DBS check in this position. There are two main reasons for this; the organisation shouldn’t have to pay such expenses and due to the nature of the job, DBS checks are crucial to complete. So, unless you want to speed up the hiring process, you won’t have to worry about paying for a DBS check when volunteering.

Cost Of DBS Checks

Speed Up The Hiring Process And Complete An Online DBS Application

As you can see, the person who pays for your DBS check will depend on the situation you are in. If you are ever unsure about the situation you are in, then raise a DBS check discussion with your potential employer, in order to establish how their application process works. This will help you to plan for any upcoming costs accordingly.

Applying for an online DBS application has never been easier thanks to The Check People; all that you need to do is get in touch and tell us what you require. We’ll sort the rest!