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What Will Show Up On A Standard DBS Check?

If you have applied for a job, you may be in the running on the condition that you pass a DBS check. However, not all DBS checks are the same, and depending on the type of work you are expected to do, and the environment you will work in, you may need to complete a Standard DBS check. This is the next level above a Basic DBS check, so what will show up on a Standard DBS Check? Today, we will explain.

Standard DBS Check

What Is a Standard DBS Check?

A Standard DBS Check is considered a more in-depth criminal record check compared to the Basic DBS check that other jobs will require you to apply for and undertake. They are used to verify and determine whether an applicant is suitable for the role they have applied for, and whether they might pose a danger to the company, staff, or customers.

What Jobs Require a Standard DBS Check?

Not all jobs will demand a Standard DBS Check, however, if you work in any of these professions, you’ll need to pass a Standard Check before you can be hired.

What Will Show Up On a Standard DBS Check?

A Standard DBS check will show detailed information regarding the following:

  • Cautions
  • Warnings
  • Reprimands
  • Spent and Unspent convictions

This information is designed to provide the employer with a well-rounded idea of who they are hiring and can help them make a decision regarding the applicant’s future and the future of the business or organisation.

How Do You Apply For a Standard DBS Check?

Unlike Basic DBS checks, the individual cannot complete an online DBS application for the Standard Level themselves as the application contains information and questions that the applicant could not answer honestly due to them being about them.

Instead, potential candidates will have their DBS status and criminal record history checked by the hiring body. Typically, they will pay for it, but they may request that the applicant cover the costs with reimbursement following a successful application.

Standard DBS Check

What are Other Types of DBS Check?

There are two other DBS checks that applicants may be asked to complete other than a Standard DBS Check. These are:

As the name suggests, the Basic level is a simple check of unspent convictions and relates to working in warehouses, factories, or supermarkets. An Enhanced DBS Check is used for those wanting to move into teaching and similar jobs where they will be around people considered vulnerable.

Checked and Ready to Work

A DBS check regardless of the level of scrutiny is essential for a lot of jobs, so do not feel offended if you are asked to complete one before starting work. As long as you comply and know you have nothing to hide, then it will not be an issue.

We hope this clears up information about what will show up on a Standard DBS check, if you have any further questions, please feel free to browse The Check People Blog for more information.