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What Does An Enhanced DBS Check Show?

When someone applies for a job, the company may request a DBS Check. These checks are completed to give the recruiter a better idea of who they are hiring and whether they could pose a risk for the company, coworkers, and customers. There are 3 types of DBS check, Basic, Standard, and Enhanced, with the Enhanced Check being the highest level. But what does an Enhanced DBS Check show, and why is it so important?

Enhanced DBS Check

What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Show?

An Enhanced DBS Check is the highest level of DBS check available and after the company applies for one on behalf of you, and they must do this with your consent. An Enhanced DBS Check will show:

  • Spent convictions
  • Unspent convictions
  • Additional relevant information

However, other issues, such as cautions, may be filtered if the police force completing the check, especially if they are not deemed relevant. This differs from the past, and before the Government changed the law in 2013, Enhanced DBS Checks would show all convictions and cautions.

Because of the reasons where an Enhanced DBS Check is ordered, it will also include any information related to children or vulnerable adults.

Like other DBS checks, an Enhanced DBS Check should be completed within four weeks and it may even be completed and returned quicker in some areas of the country. However, any mistakes or missed information can cause delays, which could affect when you the applicant is brought on.

To ensure everything is completed in a timely manner, it’s in everyone’s best interests to double-check the information provided is correct.

Currently, an Enhanced DBS Check costs £40.

How Is It Different From Other Types of DBS Check?

An Enhanced DBS Check is different from the Basic and Standard levels for several reasons. An Enhanced DBS Check cannot be completed by the applicant, but instead requested by the interviewing company, which is different to Basic DBS Checks.

A Basic DBS Check will provide brief information regarding the criminal history of the applicant, however, this will not be as in-depth as the other checks available. Likewise, a Standard DBS Check will make a note of any warnings, reprimands, or cautions along with spent or unspent convictions.

What Jobs Require an Enhanced DBS Check?

It’s important to know which jobs or professions will require the employer or organisation to carry out an Enhanced DBS Check before applying. Most commonly, candidates will need to apply for an Enhanced DBS Check through the company if they work in the following professions:

  • Those working closely with children and vulnerable adults such as volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Foster Carers
  • Carers
  • NHS workers

However, there are other jobs which may require an Enhanced DBS Check such as anyone working in the Financial sector, while taxi drivers may need to have an Enhanced certificate, too. Often, though, this is at the discretion of the hiring company, and they may be fine with a Standard DBS Check.

Enhanced DBS Check

Can I Complete DBS Checks Online?

You can complete a Basic DBS Check online, but not a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. This is because of the information that needs to be disclosed on an Enhanced DBS Check, and the inability of the applicant to answer the questions honestly. By passing the responsibility on to the relevant authorities, employers can get an in-depth picture of the candidate.

Checked and Ready

When applying for any jobs that will mean you work with vulnerable adults or children, it’s certain that you will need to complete an Enhanced DBS check. While you cannot complete this check for yourself, you can make the process simpler for your prospective employer

We hope this clears up information about what will show up on an Enhanced DBS check, if you have any further questions, please feel free to browse The Check People Blog for more information.


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