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Starting Work Without A DBS Check

While most jobs may not require a DBS check before you can start, there are also plenty that do. If you want to work with children or vulnerable adults, work in finance, or even as a taxi driver, a DBS check at any level is vital. Starting work without a DBS check will depend on several factors including demand and company policy, so here is a breakdown of how to approach it.

DBS Check

Can I Start Work Without a DBS Check?

Yes, you can. There is no law against starting a new job without a DBS check. However, just because there is not a law against it does not mean that your new employer will allow that to happen.

It’s likely you will encounter this if you have been accepted to work or volunteering at a school or health care establishment, as the employer does not want to risk putting students or patients at risk with someone who has not officially passed a DBS check.

This isn’t to say they do not trust you, but their primary responsibility is the safety of anyone who attends or lives at the institution. It is a way to protect them, you and others from harm.

When interviewing for a position where you believe a DBS check is needed, it’s a good idea to discuss the company policy with the interviewer so you can try to get a head start on your application if it is a Basic DBS check, or collect the documents necessary for a Standard or Enhanced DBS check.

How Long Does a DBS Check Take?

If you have applied for and been granted a job but are still waiting on your DBS check, you might wonder what is taking them so long. There are several factors that can impact the speed in which your DBS check is returned to you.

Online DBS checks are supposed to be returned within a four-week period, and many come back to you within two weeks. However, this is only for the basic DBS check, and an Enhanced DBS check may take longer because of additional documents that are required.

If you are still waiting after a four-week period, it may be that there is an issue with the information you have submitted. However, it’s still recommended that you wait at least six weeks before chasing the DBS check-up unless your application is very time-sensitive.

DBS Check

Why Might I Not Have A DBS Check?

Whether you have applied for a Basic DBS check or your future employer has submitted a request for an Enhanced DBS check, you might not receive the results in time. This could be because of several reasons including a large demand for DBS checks in your area, or incorrect information inputted by you or the employer on the application. You can view an overview of common mistakes made on online DBS checks by following the link.

If you discover why your DBS check has not been returned to you by the time you expected it to, you can get in touch with your prospective employer to explain the situation. Most of the time, they will be very understanding about the issues that DBS check encounter and can make arrangements while you wait for the results.

Ready to Start

It can be frustrating waiting for your DBS check to clear so you can start work as soon as you are ready. However, do not resist enquiring about alternative arrangements that the employer could make regarding your start date if the DBS check is yet to be returned to you. They may not be able to do anything, but you will never know unless you ask.