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Speeding Up Your Online DBS Application

One of the most common enquiries we receive at The Check People is “How long does a DBS check take?”  Everyone, it seems, is wondering how they can speed up the application process. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or secret password that can be invoked to bypass standard processing channels. What it typically comes down to is preparation. While we can often complete a Basic DBS application in two business days or less, there are a number of things that can cause the process to grind to a halt. And, as a general rule, the more involved the DBS check, the more things that can go wrong. Below are the top tips for speeding up your online DBS application.

DBS Application

Follow These Steps to Ensure Your Online DBS Application is Processed Quickly

Get Your Documents in Order

Before you begin the application process make sure you are aware what the Disclosure and Barring Service is looking for. They have very exacting requirements as far as acceptable documents are concerned. Before you initiate the application process make sure you are in possession of:

  • A comprehensive address history dating back 5 years
  • A verifiable explanation regarding any gaps in your address history
  • Your exact date of birth, a valid telephone number and an email address
  • The town, county and country of your birth
  • Any documentation detailing a change of nationality
  • A list of any unspent convictions
  • A valid, government-issued ID

Be mindful that when it comes to valid forms of ID, birth certificates and more DBS will require original versions of these documents and not photos or photocopies.

Use an Online Application System

There is no longer any need to submit a DBS application in person. The Check People provide an easy to use, proven online application system that will help cut time off of the entire process.

The system is completely secure and ensures your application won’t get lost or delayed in the post. Our online application system also automatically checks your application for problems and kicks it out if it finds any. Any issues which we are legally able to correct, we will.

Double Check Everything, Then Check it Again

It typically only takes a few minutes to go over the entire application before submitting it. Doing so can save you significant headaches down the line. Look for missing information, outdated information, misspelt names, incomplete address information, incomplete work history, gaps in the address history or anything else that would cause DBS to kick the application out.

Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks will also involve input from local police. So any inconsistencies in your information – particularly issues with your address history – could cause your application to die in the procedural water. The point is to make sure all that information you were so diligent accumulating is 100% valid and entered properly on the application. Making sure you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s will help ensure things move along smoothly.

DBS Application

Employers: Receive Email Notifications

Employers who don’t want to wait for the applicant to receive their DBS Check in the mail and then notify them can receive a near-instantaneous email from The Check People. Our online system is notified as soon as the DBS application is complete. We then generate an email which will enable you to make your employment decision faster.


It’s not possible to snap your fingers or access some secret channel in order to speed up the DBS application process. That said, the best way to ensure everything moves forward without snags or hassles of any kind is to partner with The Check People. We process scores of DBS applications on a weekly basis. No one is better qualified to handle this precise, potentially frustrating process for you than our highly trained staff.

DBS checks are necessary to protect the interests of employers, their clients, the general public and members of vulnerable groups. And while the government has made significant strides refining the process in recent years, there are still numerous things that can and do go wrong. Unless, that is, you enlist the help of The Check People and our online DBS application system. Call us today with any questions.