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Should Locksmiths Have DBS Checks?

A Locksmith is not someone you would consider requiring a DBS check. These certificates are more commonly required for teachers, foster carers, hospital staff, or accountants because of their proximity to children or valuable business assets. However, because of the situations a Locksmith can work in, having a DBS check is useful and sometimes even essential. If you’re wondering ‘Should Locksmiths have DBS checks?’ here is why they might need one.

Master Locksmiths Association

Members of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) are required to have a DBS check if they wish to register to work with them. Being part of the MLA offers better support when working as self-employed, as many Locksmiths do. These benefits include discounted parts for work, a registered ID card showing your membership, and discounts for vehicles.


Working With Children or Vulnerable People

While not all of your jobs will involve working with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable people, some jobs will. If you want to take on these jobs, you will need a DBS check to allow you to work on the site. Likewise, you may also need to carry out work in a hospital or school, which puts you in proximity with these people. Organisations do not want to risk legal action should an incident occur and you cannot prove your DBS check eligibility.

Increased Business

You want to get as much business as you can, and organisations or businesses who realise you do not have a DBS check may refuse your business. This affects you as a professional and it will lead to reduced profits. If your competitors have DBS checks, they are more likely to be trusted over you, so a DBS check is worth it.

Greater Levels of Trust

When holding an eligible DBS certificate, you will prove to potential customers and clients that they can trust you. Through this, you will be handed the keys to a business or household, and you have proven through your DBS certificate that you are a contractor who can be trusted.

Long Site Contracts

Often, Locksmiths working on specified sites once a week or longer, 4 days out of a month, or overnight are automatically eligible for a DBS check. The site owner may request a check anyway, so you can start working sooner by showing you already have one.


How To Apply For A DBS Check

You can apply for a Basic DBS check online yourself, as this check requires the bare minimum of information which you can easily fill out on the online form.

However, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks are not something an individual can carry out themselves. It is up to the hiring organisation or a third party to apply for a higher-level check on your behalf.

It’s in your best interests to take the steps of applying for a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, as this will give you more freedom with the jobs you accept. You can still apply for a Basic DBS check, and this will prove to others your commitment to provide honest and quality service.

After receiving this Basic certificate, you can then seek out ways to apply for either a Standard or Enhanced DBS check.

Unlocking the Secret

Just because a career isn’t expected to require a DBS check does not mean that it will never need one. Depending on where you are working as a Locksmith and how frequently you operate there, investing in a DBS check can be beneficial for you while providing peace of mind for your customers and clients.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any additional questions you might have.


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