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The Truth Behind DBS Check Myths

The DBS checking procedure is an incredibly important one for recruiters looking to hire the right employee. Without a DBS check in place, they run the risk of employing potentially harmful people. This is particularly the case with jobs that involve caring for children or vulnerable adults.

While the reasons behind needing a DBS check are pretty black and white, there are still a few statements circulating around that aren’t true. This article will be taking you through these common statements in order to reveal the truth behind DBS check myths.

Truth Behind DBS Check Myths

Myth: DBS Check Results Will Either Say ‘Pass’ Or ‘Fail’

Truth: When it comes to receiving your DBS check results, there won’t be a big red cross or big green tick. You can neither pass or fail. Instead, the results will show any previous spent and unspent convictions, cautions, and other bits of information that the specific check scans for. It is then up to the employer as to whether you are the right fit for a job or not.

In terms of coming back with no convictions, the check is seen as ‘clear’ rather than a ‘pass’.

Myth: You Can’t Get A Job With A Criminal Record

Truth: Unless you’re applying for a job that deals with children or vulnerable adults and your criminal record forbids that, getting a job with a criminal record is possible. With help from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, you are entitled to a fair chance when applying for a job if your past convictions aren’t relevant.

Myth: Absolutely Anyone Can Apply For A DBS Check

Truth: The main idea behind a DBS check is to establish whether someone is suitable to work with children or vulnerable adults, so with this in mind, there will be a lot of jobs which don’t require a DBS check.

When it comes to applying for a check, anyone can apply for a basic disclosure. This is the cheapest and briefest type of DBS check and will just show any previous convictions. However, only employers will be able to request for the more in-depth standard and enhanced checks. This is due to the fact that the sole purpose of DBS checks is to help employers with the recruitment process, meaning they are the people who will benefit the most.

Myth: DBS Checks Have Expiry Dates

Truth: Although it is best practise for many employers to request DBS checks every couple of years, they don’t actually have an expiry date. Employers will not be notified of any new criminal convictions, and they will only find out about recent affairs if they wish to get an updated check.

With this in mind, it is always best to be honest with employers and let them know if you’ve done something which may change your suitability for the job. If you are found working with young children or vulnerable adults when your criminal record forbids you from doing so, you are likely to face some nasty consequences.

Truth Behind DBS Check Myths

Myth: DBS Checks Are Required By Law

Truth: Believe it or not, DBS checks aren’t actually required by law. It is entirely up to the employer as to whether they wish to carry checks out. However, although this might be the case, many organisations like OFSTED have best practise policies in place that state employers must have a DBS check.

Apply For A DBS Check Online Today

Whether you’re an employer looking to understand more about the DBS check process or an individual looking to understand your rights, we hope this article helped you. You can apply for a DBS check online through The Check People.