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Required Documents For A DBS Check

When applying for a job, it’s almost certain they will ask you to complete a DBS check or provide information for the hiring organisation to apply for one on your behalf. If you want to ensure a speedy process with no delays, it’s vital you provide everything that is needed. To make sure you’re able to do this, here are all the required documents for a DBS check to help you get to work as soon as possible.

The Documents for DBS check

The documents you need will depend on the level of DBS check that is required. There are 3 levels of DBS check, and these are Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. Individuals can complete a Basic DBS check by themselves, but anything more advanced than this will require either a Standard or Enhanced DBS check. The level required depends on the role you will fill and perform when starting work.

Basic DBS Check

Basic DBS checks are the easiest to apply for, and you can do this yourself online, although there is the option of paper applications, but these are not as reliable and if you’re not careful when filling the application out by hand, you could make mistakes, which delays the process.

The documents required for a Basic DBS check are:

  • One form of ID (passport or driving license)
  • One proof of address (bank statement, utility bill, credit card statement

You can also use your driving license as proof of address if you have not used it as a form of identification and shows your current address.


Standard and Enhanced DBS Check

Standard and enhanced DBS checks are something the applicant can not apply for themselves and instead it is up to the hiring organisation, company, or third party to apply on the applicant’s behalf.

Those applying for the DBS will need:

  • One document from Table 1 (see below)
  • Two documents from Table 1, 2a or 2b, with one showing proof of address.

If the applicant cannot provide a document from Table 1, they must provide:

  • One document from Table 2a
  • Two additional documents from Table 2a or 2b

Table 1 – Primary Identification Documents

  • Valid and current passport
  • Biometric residence permit
  • Current driving license – photo card and counterpart (either Provisional or Full)
  • Birth certificate issued at the time of birth

If you use copies of these documents, an HR representative or Line Manager must sign them prior to submission.

Table 2a – Government Recognised and Trusted Documents

  • Current driving license – old style paper version
  • Current photo driving license
  • Birth certificate issued after the time of birth
  • Marriage or Civil Partner certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • HM Forces ID card
  • Firearms license

Table 2b – Financial and Social History Documents

  • Mortgage statement
  • Bank or building society statement
  • Bank or building society confirmation of account opening letter
  • Credit card statement
  • Financial statement (pension or endowment)
  • P45 or P60 statement
  • Council Tax statement
  • Work permit or Visa
  • Letter of sponsorship from the prospective employer
  • Utility bill (gas, electricity)
  • Central of local government, government agency, or local council document providing entitlement (DWP, Employment Services, HMRC)
  • EU National ID card
  • Card carrying PASSaccreditation logo
  • Letter from Head Teacher or College Principal (for ages 16 to 19 in full-time education and only used in exceptional services with the absence of other documents)

With these documents, you should have no problems applying for your DBS check, or having your DBS check applied for on your behalf.


Can You Get a DBS Check Without Passport?

As stated above, you can obtain a DBS without a passport and you can also apply for a DBS check without ID. However, you will still need to provide documents that can support your application. For UK nationals, it is unlikely this will be an issue, but for non-UK or non-EEA nationals this is something you will need to remember when applying to work legally in the UK.

For non-UK and non-EEA nationals, you will need to provide original versions of all documents rather than photocopies or documents printed from the internet.

What to do as an Employer

If an applicant cannot provide the necessary documents required for a DBS check, you should not continue with the application. Ignoring the laws and applying on their behalf without the correct documents could cause legal issues and result in a fine.

Summing Up

It’s essential for applicants to collect all the documents necessary prior to being asked to complete a DBS check. If you are currently applying for jobs, you should make sure to find examples of identification, proof of address, and eligibility to work in the UK now. Collecting this information now, will speed up the hiring process, and can be useful for you even if you do not need to present any information before you can start work.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any additional questions you might have.