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Reasons To Run Employee Background Checks

Employee screening through a DBS check is something that many businesses require when recruiting new employees. Even though not all companies and industries require them, it is always in your best interest to do one when hiring new workers. To make sure you don’t fall afoul of potential threats to your business, employees and customers because of a negligent or non-existent DBS check, here are 4 reasons why you need to run employee background checks.

What Is A Background Check?

A background check (also known as a DBS check or criminal conviction check, and formerly a CRB check) is a process that companies use to search for and analyse any spent or unspent convictions that individuals may have after applying for a role. You can read more about what a background check is by clicking here.

However, it is not just to pry into people’s history, and there are also reasons that running background checks are essential. These include:

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Preventing Fraud

People lie. This is something you likely already knew, and just because they send you their CV doesn’t mean this will change. Over 50% of applicants admit to lying on their resume, which means the chance for hiring someone under- or unqualified is larger than you may think.

A criminal background check can overcome these issues. It will determine whether the candidate is telling the truth on their application and give you an idea of who is the most suitable person to hire.

Protecting The Workforce and Customers

A background check can protect your business, but it is also effective for keeping your employees and customers safe, too. You have the responsibility of ensuring everyone who works for you and who uses your services is guarded from threats, whether that includes other members of staff, contractors, or freelancers.

There are many issues that could case red flags to appear in the workforce or while the service is being provided. This includes everything from danger through physical or emotional harm as well as discrimination and extremism.

If you or any of your employees or customers recognise another employee being disrespectful for threatening for any reason, you should take the appropriate steps to deal with the situation. A background check, however, can ensure that these issues do not arise in the first place.

Protecting Your Reputation

For a lot of businesses, reputation is key, but as difficult as it can be to build this reputation, it’s also too easy for the reputation to be ruined following neglect in the hiring process. One key example is through data breaches. Nearly half of these problems happen from the inside, with half of these being intentional, and with a larger reliance on technology for business than ever before, these risks are compounded.

By taking out a thorough background check on potential employees, you minimise the risk of hiring someone with malicious intentions looking to sell your company out for personal gain. While mistakes happen, customers are hesitant to seek the services of companies with a history of data breaches, especially if those breaches came from negligent background checks.

Culpability and Legal Implications

The final reason an employee background check is something you and your recruitment team must undertake when hiring new employees is culpability and legal implications. Hiring experienced personnel following a thorough screening process, you almost eliminate the risk of hiring somebody who cannot legally work in the UK, and therefore does not meet the requirements of the job.

If you knowingly employ someone without the right to live and work in the UK, you risk a maximum five-year sentence, and if you unwittingly hire someone who doesn’t meet these requirements, there is still a £20,000 fine. This can ruin a business, so it’s in your best interests to carry out the appropriate checks, just in case.

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What Happens If I Don’t Run a Background Check?

Failing to run a background check on potential employees can prove disastrous for you company. By neglecting to vet candidates thoroughly, you risk putting your business and anyone associated with your business at risk.

A Safe and Productive Business

You never want to seem discriminatory during your hiring process, so you should be careful to alleviate any concerns that applicants may have after requesting a background check. By ensuring it is company policy, you will avoid any accusations of prejudice but also keep your business and anyone associated with it safe.


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