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I’ve Lost My DBS Certificate – Can I Get A New Copy?

“I’ve lost my DBS certificate. Can I get a new copy?” This is an inquiry we at The Check People handle on a fairly regular basis. Either someone has lost their DBS certificate after receiving it or they are just worried about what will happen if they do. In either case, the answer is the same: if you’ve lost the DBS certificate after receiving it then, no. DBS will not provide a copy. If, however, there is reason to believe the certificate was lost in the post then it may be possible to obtain a copy. We will get into the process for doing that momentarily.

DBS Certificate copy

According to the DBS, a DBS certificate reprint cannot be issued if:

  • The certificate has been lost or somehow destroyed or damaged after being received
  • The original certificate was issued more than 3 months before the copy request
  • A copy has already been printed and sent, but has not yet been received

DBS may issue a copy of a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate if the following conditions apply:

  • The original DBS certificate was issued more than 14 days prior to the request, but has not been received (DBS online tracking will enable you to determine the exact date of issue)
  • The request is made within 3 months of the issue date of the original certificate
  • Your current address (the address you provide on the copy request) matches the address provided on the original application for the now lost DBS

The address must match because the address provided on the original application cannot be changed after the fact. In the event you have moved since the original application was submitted, you will need to contact Royal Mail and arrange for a mail redirection. This must be in place before you make your request for the DBS certificate copy.

Timeline for Receiving a DBS Certificate Copy

DBS state that their goal is to process valid copy requests within 5 working days. Although that is not guaranteed. In large part, it will depend on how many copy requests are being processed at a given time.

DBS Certificate Copy

For Basic DBS Check Certificate Reprints

Keep in mind that you should allow at least 14 days from the date the original certificate was issued before you request a copy. If you have not received your certificate after a week or 10 days, you are not eligible to request a copy. In addition, no copy will be issued if the applicant did not request a paper copy of the Basic DBS certificate on the original application form.

If 14 days have passed since the date the original certificate was issued and you have not received it, you may request a copy via your online DBS account. If you did not establish an online account, you may request a copy by calling DBS on 0300 0200 190. Under no circumstances will DBS issue more than 1 reprinted copy of a given certificate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a lost DBS certificate or the process for obtaining a copy, call The Check People today.