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DBS Check For Financial Sector

There are many jobs that require a DBS check, but one you may not know of is when you want to work in the financial sector. But why is a DBS check needed when working in finance?

Unlike volunteering at a school or working in a hospital, the criminal record check looks at different criteria if you’re applying for a job at a bank or an accountant. Today, we will explain how to get a DBS check and why you need one if you want to work in the financial sector.

How Do I Get a DBS Check?

Whether you are an applicant or an employer, it’s never been more straightforward to apply for a DBS check online. All you need to do is follow this link and fill in your details. It’s advised that you collect all of your necessary documents prior to filling in the form in full.

If you cannot use the only form for any reason, consider alternative ways to apply instead.

DBS Check For Financial Sector

What Do You Need To Work In Finance?

Aside from a passion for numbers, there are several other factors you need to work in finance. This includes a DBS check, adverse credit check, and identity check to ensure you are suitable for the role and can legally work.

In the DBS check, the Financial Conduct Authority must take out a controlled function. This features of this depends on what you the job you are applying for but it can include:

  • If you are acting as a senior member of a regulated firm (director, partner, chief executive)
  • If you are responsible for the firm’s systems and controls
  • If you are tasked with overseeing compliance to the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules and regulations.

You will also need a Standard DBS check if you are a chartered or certified accountant.

Adverse Credit Check

Besides the DBS check, you may also require an Adverse Credit Check. This analyses any late of non-payments you may have committed. It will display ‘severe’ adverse credit history in the vent of:

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • County Court Judgement (CCJ)
  • Bankruptcy

This check is required by some organisations. However, they are available to all companies even if the check is not mandatory. An ACC helps the employer get more information on the applicant and can assist in the hiring process, especially if you are applying to a position that has access to accounts and valuables. This is something that is likely when working in a financial capacity.

We should note that this check is not the same as a Credit Report that lenders seek, as it is irrelevant to the position.

DBS Check For Financial Sector

Identity Check

There will also be an Identity Check, which cross references applicant information with data stored on government and council servers. It is used to confirm the true identity of the applicant.

The information it will search for includes:

  • That held by credit agencies
  • The electoral roll
  • Telephone database

Some do not understand why someone would lie about their true identity when applying for a job. However, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure determined four main reasons an applicant would do this. These four reasons are:

  • To prevent being detected by the authorities
  • For dishonest gain, including financial benefits
  • To escape financial liabilities
  • To obtain and use genuine sensitive documents

No employer wants to hire someone who is dishonest, so this helps give them more sufficient information so they know they can trust you. It is not fool-proof, and sometimes malicious applicants can slip through the cracks. Mostly, though, it works.

Making Bank

Like any job, employers want to know that you are reliable and trustworthy, so you must understand that these checks are necessary before they can hire you, and it is all part of the hiring process.


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