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I Haven’t Received My DBS Check – What Do I Do?

When someone applies for a DBS check, they usually receive the hard copy within 14 working days following the submission. However, while most people will receive their copy in this timeframe, this is not true for everybody. If you’ve applied for a DBS check and have just realised ‘I haven’t received my DBS Check – what do I do?’ here is everything you need to know about your next steps.

How Long Does a DBS Check Take

As stated above, a DBS check should be returned to the applicant within 14 days. However, in some parts of the country, the turnaround time can be faster, often being completed within a few days. Other parts of the country are not as efficient in returning the DBS check, taking nearly three weeks to be completed.

Normally, you should not have to wait any longer than four weeks for your DBS check, and only after this time passes is it advised to get in touch with the relevant authorities to find out what is happening.

Haven’t Received My DBS Check

Why Might the Certificate Not Arrive?

There are a few reasons a DBS certificate does not arrive within the proposed time, and this can be the fault of both your or the body completing the check. These reasons include:

  • Incorrect street address of the applicant
  • Application was lost in the post
  • The applicant uses a shared mailbox

You may have filled in the wrong information or missed critical details necessary to complete the DBS check. These mistakes hinder how quickly the DBS check will be completed and returned to you. You can find out more about this by reading our post on Common Mistakes Made on Online DBS Checks to ensure you do not make the same mistakes.

However, it may not be your fault, and too much demand in your area could be something else affecting the return of your DBS check.

If you are certain that you did not make these mistakes, then it’s worth getting in touch with the necessary authorities to understand where your DBS certificate is. If they inform you that your check has been completed and sent off, then you may need to apply for a DBS certificate reprint.

How Do I Apply for a DBS Certificate Reprint?

You can order a DBS certificate reprint, however, you can only do this under certain criteria.

The DBS will not issue a reprint if:

  • The certificate is lost or destroyed (accidentally or not) after you have received it
  • The reprint has already been dispatched and you have not received it
  • They issued the certificate over three months prior to you requesting a reprint.

In the final instance, you must reapply for a DBS check.

If you have requested a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate but have not received it within the four-week waiting period, DBS will issue a reprint but only if:

  • You make the request within 3 months (up to 93 days) of the original issuing
  • The original certificate was ordered over 14 days prior to the reprint request
  • The reprint address matches the address of the original DBS Check. If you have moved since the application, you must have arranged for mail redirection.

You will only receive one opportunity to receive a DBS certificate reprint. DBS will process this within 5 days of the request.

Haven’t Received My DBS Check

What About Basic DBS Checks?

A Basic DBS check reprint request works much the same way as the higher-level options. However, DBS will not provide a paper reprint if an original paper certificate was not requested. Again, you must request it within 3 months of the original.

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