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How To Recruit The Right Person

While technology has progressed by leaps and bounds there hasn’t yet been a company created by machines for machines. That means you still need people. To no small degree, your enterprise will only be as successful as your staff allow it to be. But recruiting staff members has always been a process fraught with potential pitfalls. And with the increasingly specialized workforce required to succeed in today’s high-tech, global marketplace those potential pitfalls are only magnified. So, how to hire the right people? To help you out we’ve compiled the following list that will show how to recruit the right person every single time. Ready? Let’s begin.

Recruit The Right Person

8 Crucial Tips that will Ensure a Successful Recruitment Process

If you need to take on more staff or replace staff members who are moving on make sure you take the following tips to heart.

  1. Never Lose Sight of Your Needs – Sometimes a candidate will show up whose skill set doesn’t dovetail with your needs but who makes quite the impression. As irresistible as their personality may be, you nonetheless need to resist being bowled over by the interview superstar. You’re running a business. It’s important to stay focused on the specific need you’re trying to fill.
  2. Think Long-Term – Hopefully, you have a business plan. And that plan includes a vision for where you see the company 5 and 10 years down the road. When recruiting new personnel try to envision their potential for growth with the company. Can you see them eventually holding down a position of responsibility? Do they seem ready and willing to buy into your vision for the company?
  3. Make Sure to Perform a DBS Check – You can never really be sure about someone just by spending a half-hour talking to them. Some people are expert at presenting themselves in a flattering light but harbour secrets that could make them a major liability. At a minimum, you should perform a basic DBS check on them. This simple criminal record check can end up saving you a lot of time and trouble down the road.
  4. Don’t Dwell on the Details of Their Past – Of course, you’re going to want to check their references. And of course, you’re going to want to fill out a DBS online application and check for unspent convictions. If the job requires you may also need to know if they are on a barred list. But while you have them in the interview room don’t spend all your time grilling them on their past in an effort to uncover dirt or trip them up. Provide them with job-specific scenarios and see how they respond. The DBS and reference checks will be handled separately.
  5. Introduce Them to Your Team – If they make it past the getting-to-know-you stage introduce the recruit to the people they’d be working with and see what happens. This will require you to take a step back and simply observe. You’re not looking for instant best friends. But you want to see if they’re comfortable with your current staff and whether the staff are comfortable with them.
  6. Listen to Everything They Say – Occasionally the potential recruit will tell you something important without being asked. And if you’re not paying attention you could miss it. This is especially true if they don’t have a lot of interview experience or natural guile. It might just be in passing and they might try and laugh it off afterwards. But there it is. Ignore it at your own peril.
  7. Including the Questions They Ask – Anyone actually interested in and qualified for the position in question should have questions. And they should be timely questions related to the position. If the recruit has asked 4 questions during the interview and 3 had to do with salary they’re letting you know what’s really important to them. Certainly, everyone wants to earn money. But if they’re obsessed with salary issues and show little interest in your product or service they’re not a good fit.
  8. Would You Work for Them? – Finally, while you have them in front of you ask yourself this question: “Does this person have the qualities I would want to see in a boss or company owner if I were the recruit?” If they do that likely makes them a good match for your company culture. This might require a bit of imagination on your part, especially if the recruit is considerably younger than you. But it can be useful.

Recruit The Right Person


Recruiting new staff is one of the most difficult aspects of owning or running a business. Should you choose poorly it could destabilize the office environment, hurt rather than enhance productivity, or even end you up in court. By incorporating the above tips into your recruitment process you will give yourself the best chance to find the right person every single time.