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How To Know If You Need A DBS Check

A DBS check is a process where a potential employer or organisation analyses your criminal record history. These checks are necessary if you want to be a teacher, work in a hospital, work in finance, or even as a taxi driver. However, while most jobs will require you to complete an online DBS check before beginning your onboarding process, others may not. If you’re looking for a new job and want an idea of how to know if you need a DBS check, we can answer this question today.

Who Can Apply for DBS Check?

As long as you are of working age, aged 16 or over, anyone can apply for a DBS check, as this is the only eligibility rule connected to the process.

However, because there are different levels of DBS check, you cannot apply for all of them yourself. A Basic DBS check is one you can do all by yourself online, but both Standard and Enhanced DBS checks require the employer or organisation to apply on your behalf as these checks involve questions that you cannot answer honestly.

Apply for DBS Check

How to Get a DBS Check

You can get a DBS check in several ways. The first way is to apply for one yourself using the Basic DBS form. A Basic DBS check will display any unspent convictions you may have incurred following offenses committed. A Basic DBS check costs £23.00 and can take anywhere between two to four weeks.

However, as this is all the check will show, it is not something that all organisations or businesses will accept.

The upper level DBS checks, Standard and Enhanced, are not something that you can do yourself, and it falls on the responsibility of the employer or organisation, or any clubs or groups you are part of (in the case of being self-employed) to request on your behalf.

A Standard DBS checks costs £23.00, while an Enhanced check will cost £40.00. These checks go into greater detail regarding previous cautions, warnings, and spent or unspent convictions and take up to four weeks.

Do I Need a DBS Check?

Your need for a DBS check depends on the type of employment or activity you are seeking. Generally speaking, anyone who wishes to work with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable persons will require a DBS check before starting work. Typically, this will be a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, which is more detailed than a Basic DBS check.

However, working with children, the elderly and other vulnerable people is not the only time that you may require a DBS check. Jobs in the finance sector, taxi drivers, and vets will also require a DBS check. If you are self-employed, such as contractor work, you may need a DBS check if you work in an area where there are vulnerable people. This includes undertaking repairs at schools, care homes, or hospitals, among other possibilities.

Some jobs will also require you to apply for at least a Basic DBS check before you can start working for them, but this will vary between industries and from company to company. If you are working as an accountant in a firm, then a Standard or Enhanced check may be required. Likewise, if you are working in the retail sector, your employer may request a Basic DBS check before you start work.

In situations where you will not work with children or vulnerable adults, a DBS check is not always necessary, but it’s useful to be prepared for one just in case.


Checking In

Regardless of the job you are applying for, you should go in expecting you may require a DBS check before you start work. To make the process more comfortable and straightforward, it is useful to collect all the documents necessary for the check prior to any interviews you are offered.

Doing this ensures you can get your DBS check completed as swiftly as possible and can start work as soon as the check is returned. Depending on your location, you may see faster turnaround times for your DBS check.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any questions you might have.


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