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Here’s How to Complete a DBS Check With an Unusual Address History

Should an individual come to the table with their personal information in order and the proper forms of identification at the ready, a DBS check is usually a straightforward, 5-stage process. However, a complex address history can muddy the waters and prolong or even derail the process entirely. Certainly, everyone has a right to move if they so choose. But moving several times, especially if those moves happen in rapid succession, can make it a more complicated matter to obtain comprehensive information on a person’s background. Do you have an unusual address history? Here’s how to complete the DBS check if you do.

Address History

The Importance of the Address History

In order for the DBS to be able to provide accurate, comprehensive information on an individual it is crucial to know their address history. There can be no gaps or omissions in this history and no contradictory information. If there is, the verification process will grind to a halt or the application may be rejected outright.

The address history must state in clear, verifiable terms where the individual has resided for the 5 years leading up to the DBS application. If it does not DBS may be unable to determine if the person had any noteworthy run-ins with law enforcement during that time that could disqualify them for the position they are attempting to obtain. But, aside from attempting to hide something, why would someone’s address history have gaps or be considered unusual? Let’s have a look.

Origins of an Unusual Address History

Not everyone has lived in the same place for decades. And indeed, technology has largely negated the need for people to stay put. Many can now work from anywhere they can get an internet connection. But the ability to work remotely is only 1 reason why someone’s address history may become an issue. Others include:

  • Time spent living overseas
  • Working on a cruise ship
  • Spending time in prison
  • Living/working aboard a merchant vessel
  • Being deployed abroad as a member of HM Armed Forces
  • Living with various family members

Any of the above scenarios can result in a person’s address history raising red flags with the DBS. Although, apart from spending time in prison, none are necessarily problematic in and of themselves. And indeed, if one is a former member of HM Armed Forces and was honourably discharged, that may even present certain advantages. The important thing is to set the record straight in a timely fashion.

How to Straighten Out an Unusual Address History

Fortunately, DBS maintain what they call the “Unusual Address Guide”. It provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to proceed if your address history is problematic. The guide explains how to proceed when various address scenarios are in play. Different scenarios have their own set of rules, so it is important you apply the correct set of rules to your particular situation. Above all, keep the following in mind:

  • Your application will not proceed unless and until you have provided a complete address history for the 5 years prior to the application date.
  • The first address on your list will be your current address. This is the address the DBS will send your completed certificate to. You must be residing there when the certificate arrives.

Keep in mind too that if your address history includes a period of overlapping addresses – such as if you worked on a merchant vessel while retaining a land address – you will not be able to fill out an online application. Instead, you will need to download and fill out a paper application.

Address History

How do DBS Check Addresses?

DBS uses former landlords, local police, bank records, driving license information and more to check a person’s address history. If any of the information gleaned from these and other sources is contradictory this will greatly complicate the application process and may result in your application being rejected.

In Summary

The DBS requires a full 5 years address history before a DBS application can proceed. Failing to provide that information will greatly complicate the application process and may result in your application being rejected. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a DBS check or a complex address history contact The Check People today.