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Checking An Employees Criminal Record

With local, national and global economies in a state of flux these days it is more important than ever that employers know exactly who they are hiring. The most effective way to protect their interests and the interests of their clients is to conduct a background check on prospective employees. In England and Wales, background checks are conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS.

The DBS conducts several different types of background checks. Which one is right for a situation depends largely on the type of position a person is applying for. The various types of DBS Checks are:

The Basic Check

As the name implies, this is the most basic form of background check. The Basic Check looks only for unspent convictions. People seeking to obtain a license to sell alcohol or sell scrap metal will require a Basic Check. In addition, some countries now require a Basic Check before they will issue a travel visa. But the bottom line is that any employer can request a Basic DBS Check.

Individuals intent on seeking employment may want to apply for a Basic Check themselves just to save time while applying for jobs. Anyone, including employers, can apply for a Basic Check through the DBS website. The average processing time will vary from several hours to as much business 10 days.

Employees Criminal Record

The Standard Check

The Standard Check looks for both spent and unspent criminal convictions. If you wish to work in any of the following industries you will need a Standard DBS Check:

  • Healthcare
  • Accountancy or Financial Services
  • Education
  • Legal or Dental
  • Veterinary Services
  • As a contractor engaged in ‘regulated activity’

Only employers may apply for the Standard Check. Self-Employed individuals may not apply for a Standard Check for themselves. If they will be performing contract work that requires them engaging in regulated activity, the contracting organisation can apply for them. There is no way to state precisely how long a Standard DBS check will take. Up to 8 weeks is a commonly cited figure.

The Enhanced Check

As with the Standard Check, the Enhanced DBS Check looks for spent and unspent convictions. In addition, it looks for any official warnings or reprimands that may have been issued to an individual. But it also goes a step further and solicits input from local police services that may have additional information deemed relevant to the individual and the position they are applying for.

Anyone who will be teaching, providing guidance to or supervising children, or anyone whose work will bring them into contact with children (such as contractors working or volunteering in schools), will need an Enhanced Check. Anyone working with vulnerable adults either in a healthcare scenario or by assisting them with their daily activities will also need an Enhanced Check. The Enhanced Check typically takes up to 8 weeks.

The Enhanced Check With Barred List

This is the most thorough type of check and includes everything from the normal Enhanced Check, as well as a check of government-maintained “barred lists.” If an individual appears on a barred list, they are prohibited from working with children or vulnerable adults. Some will also be prohibited from working in the gaming industry. In most cases, the Enhanced Check With Barred List will take approximately 8 weeks to complete. But if a person has moved a number of times in their life it may take longer.

Employees Criminal Record

A Final Note

There is no official expiry date on a DBS Check. It can only be considered completely accurate on the day it is issued. For this reason, it is recommended that employers conduct regular checks on new hires to make sure nothing has been missed. For more information, contact The Check People today.