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How Do I Apply For A DBS Check Online?

There are many reasons as to why you may need to complete a DBS check. From applying for a job to signing important paperwork, being one step ahead and having a copy of your criminal record will help to speed things up.

Can You Apply For A DBS Check Online?

In late 2017, the Disclosure and Barring Service announced that you can now apply for DBS checks online. This was a massive breakthrough considering the old process required spending lots of time filling out paperwork and having to send it via post.

So, ever since January 2018, employers in particular have been using DBS online tracking services to cut out tedious paperwork and get criminal record checks done in an efficient manner.

Apply For A DBS Check Online

How Do I Apply For A DBS Check Online?

Applying for a DBS check online has never been easier! Here at The Check People, we can give you expert advice on the application process and even sort out all the fiddly work for you. All that we need from you is a few details; the rest will get sorted in an instant.

Our services are particularly helpful for employers wishing to do bulk DBS checks – why waste time processing the checks one by one, when we can do it for you?

The Main Benefit Of Applying For A DBS Check Online

No one wants to waste valuable time filling out stacks of paperwork, just to prove something that they are already aware of.

Just like many other online services, a DBS online application is far faster and convenient to deal with in oppose to a traditional paper form. There should be no instances in which you need to complete paperwork, as DBS checks are available for all three disclosure levels.

The Types Of DBS Check

When applying for your DBS online check, it’s important to establish which one you actually need. There are three types of check – pay close attention to the one which is being requested otherwise you may end up wasting money on the wrong application.

  • Basic DBS Check

The cheapest DBS check which you can apply for online is the Basic DBS check. This check will only provide you with details of unspent convictions. Anyone from any industry can apply for the Basic DBS check.

  • Standard DBS Check

The next level of DBS check is the Standard DBS check. Only those in certain occupations will be able to apply for a Standard DBS check and, in addition to this, you can only get it if an employer has specifically requested it.

In terms of what shows up on a Standard DBS check: you will expect to see current convictions, spent convictions, warnings, reprimands and cautions.

  • Enhanced DBS Check

Enhanced DBS checks can only be requested by employers. The Enhanced DBS check is by far the most thorough criminal record check there is; it will show every tiny detail of a conviction (including court details, date of offence and the sentence given). As well as this, the police have the right to include any other relevant information they have on file within an Enhanced DBS check.

It is also worth noting than an Enhanced DBS check will check that the applicant is not listed on the DBS Adults Barred List and Children’s Barred list, too.

Apply For A DBS Check Online

The Check People – Making Applying For A DBS Check Easy

As you can see, there are many types of DBS checks available to apply for online. With this information in mind, you should be able to see which check is needed for you or your employees.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts at The Check People to get more information on online DBS checks. We can even assist you with the whole application process, leaving you to sit back and relax without a worry in the world!