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How To (And How Not To) Complete A DBS Application Form

When filling out a paper DBS check, it is essential that you make sure you do everything you need to do. Failure to comply with the requests outlined in your DBS check can cause delays and even outright rejection. To ensure you do not encounter any problems when completing your DBS check, here is a guide on how to (and how not to) complete a DBS application form.

Complete A DBS Application Form

What To Do

When filling out a DBS check application form by hand, you must remember to:

  • Use Black Ink

Black ink is standard across many official documents, and black biros are easy to find anywhere. Make sure you use a pen with black in when filling out your DBS application.

  • Use Block Capitals

Block capitals are easier to read and minimise the chance for mistakes or unreadable handwriting. Much like black ink, this is considered a standard across most official documents.

  • Read Each Question Carefully

Just like taking an exam at school, it’s vital that you read each question carefully and thoroughly. Giving the proper attention to each question rather than skimming over it ensures you do not misread or miss vital information, therefore making you able to answer the question correctly.

  • Use Your Full Name(s)

Using your full name as it appears on official documents such as your Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driving License makes it easier to find who you are. If you have a common name, including any middle names is vital, as this can distinguish you from others.

You should also include any previous names you have lived by, especially if you have changed your name in the last five years through marriage or divorce.

  • Provide As Much Information As Possible

The more information you provide, the less likely it is DBS will need to get in touch to clarify anything they are uncertain about, as this can slow down the process and cause you to wait even longer for your certificate. Take your time with the application, and the information should come naturally to you.

  • Sign The Application Form

It sounds obvious, but applicants can be in such a rush to send the application form off that they do not sign it. This renders the application void, so you will need to start all over again.

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What Not to Do

To ensure you complete your application form successfully, you must also remember what not to do. This includes:

  • Abbreviate Words

If you’re in the habit of abbreviating words when writing by hand, you must remember to resist doing so when filling out your application. This can include everything from using a + sign in place of ‘and’ to writing e.g. instead of for example. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and write the word correctly.

  • Use a Nickname

As nicknames are not official nor in the system, there is no point using nicknames, as DBS want clear information and do not want to chase up about what you mean.

  • Use Coloured Ink

As black ink is considered standard on official documents, do not use any other colour, including blue or even grey.

  • Use Tipex

It’s vital to write everything carefully on your DBS form as Tipex renders the application invalid. If it helps, consider writing the answers down on a notepad and copying them up before attempting the application.

  • Write Outside the Boxes

Any information written outside the boxes will not count no matter how important you consider it to be. Take care not to write outside any boxes on your application form.

How To Ensure You Make No Mistakes

The best way to prevent making mistakes and ensuring all the information on your DBS application form is correct is to use the online DBS application process. This allows you to check spelling and grammar and also makes it easy to read, making the process more straightforward.

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How to Complete a DBS Check Online Application

Completing a DBS check online has never been easier. Here at The Check People, we can offer advice and guide you through the process once you provide us with a few key details.

Online applications are ideal for both individual and businesses completing bulk applications for multiple candidates or employees. The online application also makes it easier to copy over information to prevent mistakes.

All types of DBS checks (Basic, Standard, Enhanced) can be completed online, making the process even easier.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

If you want to guarantee you complete a DBS application form efficiently, cleanly, and with no mistakes that could impact your progress, it’s vital that you complete and DBS check online rather than the paper version. This ensures a speedy turnaround and gives you and your employer peace of mind.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any additional questions you might have.