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How Outsourcing DBS Checks Can Save You Time and Money

DBS checks have become a fact of business life in the UK. And while most business owners are in agreement that these background checks are necessary, some are finding that they tie up staff and consume precious company resources that are needed elsewhere. So what to do? Many UK businesses and institutions have decided that outsourcing their DBS checks is a solution that makes sense for them. And it’s easy to see why they’ve come to this decision. Below we’re going to take a close look at one of the latest business hacks. How outsourcing DBS checks can save you time and money.

The Many Reasons Why Outsourcing DBS Checks Makes Sense

Outsourcing your DBS checks to a company like The Check People is an idea whose time has come. Here are just some of the reasons companies are outsourcing DBS checks.

Specialised Knowledge

As bright and competent as the members of your staff are, they don’t possess the type of specialised knowledge about the DBS check system that can facilitate this sometimes confusing process. A company such as The Check People is staffed by DBS experts. It’s what they do. It’s what they’re trained to do. They understand every nuance and quirk in the system and how to navigate them. You’ll never hear them say “I don’t know what happened.”

Outsourcing DBS Checks


At The Check People we get requests for help all the time from companies unsure how to proceed with a particular DBS Check. Some don’t understand why an application was rejected. While others are confused as to whether a check is needed at all for a particular position. Every time your in-house team hit a roadblock it costs your business money. That won’t happen when you outsource your DBS checks to The Check People.

The Ability To Free Up Resources

Every minute an in-house staff member is wrestling with DBS checks they’re not engaged in the important work of helping you compete in an ultra-competitive business environment. By outsourcing your DBS checks you free up company resources to focus on the business at hand. At the same time, you save time, money, and energy on obtaining the DBS checks you need.

Landing The Top Candidates

In today’s business environment attracting and landing the top talent is crucial to success. Should a promising hire get discouraged because your in-house team has made errors related to their DBS check you stand a good chance of losing them to the competition. By outsourcing your DBS checks you ensure the process will move forward without delay and your new hire will take their place on your team ASAP.

Less Paperwork

For decades futurists have been predicting the dawn of the paperless office. Unfortunately, the arrival of that day seems to have gotten lost in the paperwork. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of time your staff spend slogging through paperwork is a good thing. The Check People have an online DBS check system that eliminates much of the paperwork and hassle associated with background checks. And our DBS tracking service allows you to keep tabs on the status of any particular check. Less paperwork, high-tech tracking system, win-win.

It’s Less Expensive

Every minute a staff member silently anguishes about what they did wrong to have an application rejected, it’s costing you money. Every time they get sidetracked by other concerns in the office and have to start over it costs you money. And because they don’t have access to that nifty high-tech online application system we mentioned above, it takes them longer to handle every application and the result is, that’s right, it costs you money. Outsourcing your DBS checks to The Check People is the cost-effective alternative.

No Surprises

One of the most discouraging aspects of trying to handle the DBS process in-house is that the DBS often change the rules or processes involved. When this happens, your staff has to invest time and energy in trying to get back up to speed. The Check People keep a watchful eye on all the comings and goings at the DBS. We have firsthand knowledge of any pending changes in the pipeline. We’re never caught off guard and your DBS check applications are never derailed by bureaucratic card-shuffling.

Outsourcing your DBS checks

It’s Fast

At The Check People, we handle scores of DBS applications from companies great and small every week. Our staff operate like a well-oiled machine. Every aspect of our process has been subjected to a high degree of refinement until there is virtually no waste in the system. As such, we are not only able to rectify problems in a timely manner, we’re able to anticipate them and head them off. The bottom line is that you will receive your DBS certificates as fast as is legally possible.

The Bottom Line

If you are wondering how to get a DBS check or checks in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible, contact The Check People today. Our staff are the best in the business and will guide you through the process of outsourcing your DBS checks in an easily understood manner. We help companies just like yours save time, money and hassle every day by relieving them of the burden of conducting their own background check applications. By taking advantage of our affordable service they’re free to concentrate on more important things like building their business.