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Freelancing Checklist: How To Get Started

Whether you’ve decided to take your passions full-time or have decided to earn a bit of extra money on the side, becoming a freelancer can feel incredibly liberating. But, just like any business, there are many things to keep in mind to get started as a freelancer.

To ensure that you follow all of the right rules and regulations and get the most out of your experience, we have put together a freelancing checklist. Simply follow these pointers to get started.

Plan Your Venture Out Properly

It can be easy to quit your day job in hopes that you’ll find your feet, and although this would be an ideal situation, becoming a freelancer isn’t that simple. Before you even think about becoming a full-time freelancer, it’s important to plan your venture out properly in order to establish whether it is profitable.

Firstly, think about what you want to do for your freelancing business and think long and hard about whether it will keep a roof over your head in the long run. Do some research into competition and audiences to see if there’s a market for what you want to offer. From here, you will be able to establish whether this venture is a good fit for you.

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Be Strict With Yourself

Becoming a freelancer will give you a whole new wave of freedom; but this comes with its own responsibilities. You’ll no longer have set working hours, meaning it can become very easy to hit the snooze button on your alarm when a freelancer.

In order to keep productivity levels high and get the most out of your freelancing business, it’s incredibly important to be strict with yourself. Set an alarm and get up as soon as it goes off. Try out different working environments. Set yourself daily tasks. These little tweaks will be sure to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Set Up A Portfolio

Becoming a successful freelancer involves building up a lot of trust in order to gain valuable clients. The easiest way to do this is by setting up a portfolio full of your best pieces of work. This portfolio will act as your very own case study, meaning prospects can take a look for themselves in order to decide if you’re worth working with. Not to mention, this portfolio will act as your very own success journal that you can boast about for years to come.

Remember To File Your Taxes With HMRC

One of the most important things to do when becoming a freelancer is to register with HMRC. Once you’ve earnt over £1,000 in a tax year, you are expected to pay tax just like you would with any other job. By registering with HMRC as soon as you set up your freelancing business, you’ll avoid any nasty fines or time-consuming data collecting further down the line.

Network As Much As You Can

Switching to become a freelancer can be quite the shock if you’re used to working for a company with multiple employees. You suddenly have to juggle several roles at once, with one of the main ones being marketing manager. There’s no point setting up a freelance business if no one knows it exists, so set up a descriptive LinkedIn profile and get networking like never before.

Through building strong relationships with your connections, you’ll be opening up a whole gateway of opportunity. Networking will truly be the glue which holds your new venture together!

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Work Out Your Rates

You’re in charge of your own income when becoming a freelancer, so it’s important to set rates that will allow you to live a financially stable life. Never underestimate your worth nor let people haggle you down too much. A client who doesn’t respect your rates is not a client worth having.

Never Be Afraid To Chase Up Payments

Speaking of money, never be afraid to chase up payments if a client hasn’t stayed true to their word. When it comes to getting the money which you so rightfully earnt, it’s important to stand your ground and get it on time. Setting up contracts between yourself and your client will be an effective way to keep these legal matters under control.

If Necessary, Apply For A DBS Check

If your line of work requires working with young children or vulnerable adults, then it’s recommended to apply for an online DBS check. This check may be requested by employers; it’s your way of proving that you’re suitable for the role.