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Do DBS Checks Expire?

A Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS check is often done when employers are hiring new employees. One common question we get asked is “do DBS checks expire”? In this article, we will answer this question and give insight into when a DBS check should be renewed.

Do DBS Checks Expire?

The short answer is no. DBS checks do not officially expire. Each DBS certificate will include the date of issue and no expiry date is added.

An expiration date cannot legally be included because an individual could have a conviction or a grievance recorded against them at any time after the date that the check has been finalised. This means that the information revealed by the DBS check is only truly accurate at the exact time of issue.

DBS checks are, however, an important part of the hiring process. This means that many employers prefer to request a new check on a new employee. Many organisations also make it a standard practise to renew their employees’ DBS checks periodically.

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When Should a DBS Check Be Renewed?

One of the main purposes of a DBS check is to safeguard a role. Employers want to ensure that the people who work in their organisation can be continuously trusted.

This is why many organisations have strict policies in place that make a regular DBS renewal a requirement. The timescale of these rechecks can vary from 6 months to every two to three years. If a company falls under a regulating body such as the Care Quality Commission or Ofsted, then the governed body would need to adhere to their stipulated DBS renewal timescales.

Important to note: If an individual’s role requires them to work with children or vulnerable adults, then they may be required by law to carry out checks more regularly. This is to ensure that they are not added to the child and adults barred list after the initial check has been completed.

Requirements by Regulatory Bodies

Certain regulatory bodies may have specific rules and regulations in place in terms of renewing checks.

For example, Ofsted’s policy helps to ensure safe recruitment practices in schools and nurseries. Their rules state that all employees who have regulated contact with children need to have an Enhanced DBS Check. A new employer may accept an enhanced DBS certificate that’s recently been issued but could possibly request a new check if a few months have lapsed since the date of issue (because a lot can change in this lapsed period of time).

And then, there’s the Care Quality Commission. The CQC works similarly to Ofsted in that it requires employees who work closely with adults and/or children to apply for an Enhanced DBS Check with barred list information. But even then, the responsibility for renewing a DBS certificate is placed in the hands of the employer.

Another common practice for organisations that work under regulating bodies is to update DBS check certificates when individuals change roles within the same organisation (for example working with adults only to then working with children). This new check will be done regardless of when the organisation renews checks as part of their policy.

dbs check expiration

In Short

  • DBS checks do not have expiry dates and therefore depend on the employer’s requirements.
  • Regulatory bodies have their own policies regarding DBS check renewals.
  • If an employee changes a job role, it may be necessary for them to complete a new check.
  • In some cases, employers may be legally required to obtain new barred list checks.

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