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Disadvantages Of Having A Criminal Record

Having previous criminal convictions is something that may concern people when applying for new jobs even after serving their time and having these convictions considered spent in the eyes of the law. Knowing that you have committed an offense in the past can put you off even attempting applying for jobs, and some believe there is no point in trying. Today, we will discuss 3 disadvantages of having a criminal record, but also try to prove why it does not need to be something that prevents you from earning a living.

Criminal Record

It’s Hard to Find Employment

The immediate disadvantage with having a criminal record is that it can be difficult to find employment after a conviction. Sometimes, applicants may need to check a box that tells the recruiter whether you have had any criminal convictions, spent or not, previously.

Some companies use this checkbox to funnel out applicants with a criminal background regardless of any further information you could provide about what happened.

Even if they continue with your application, there are still the issue of DBS checks, which can give them a more detailed of the offense committed. This information allows them to form an opinion of if they should employ you. If the recruiter deems you to be a danger to their customers and existing employees, then they are obligated to reject your application based on your criminal conviction.

It Could Affect Travel Prospects

However, they may consider that you could still be a productive member of the workforce and then decide that your criminal convictions are not relevant now. You have served your time; your conviction is considered spent, and they want to help you get on with your life.

This is an admirable thing for a company to do. They are under no obligation to hire you just because they feel sorry for. Just because they employ you, though, does not mean that everything will be okay.

In professions where there is a lot of travel involved, especially international, the information about your criminal conviction could be displayed to the customs official when you enter the country, or it could come up when applying for a visa to live and work abroad.

These past convictions could hinder you from entering the country. You may be delayed at the border and asked questions. In some countries, you could be denied entry altogether.

People May Not Understand

If the company completes an online criminal record check and hires you and you are also not required to travel out of the country, you may still face issues from your employers. People may not be willing to understand, and they could paint you as once a criminal, always a criminal, regardless of the offense or time served.

It’s a shame, but people can be judgemental. If the information gets out about your past (which it shouldn’t, but gossip happens) you may encounter confrontation or bullying from coworkers, which could lead you to resign.

Criminal Record

What Jobs Can You Apply For?

Despite these disadvantages, it is still possible to find jobs with a criminal record in your history. This includes several charities and non-profits as well as nationwide chains. Some jobs you can apply for include:

These are just some options you can look to explore, and they give you a chance to reintegrate into society after release. Some can help you benefit people in a similar situation to you, while others are regular jobs on the high street.

Your Future

If you do have a criminal record, be aware of the potential issues you could encounter when applying for jobs to save yourself any disappointment later on.


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