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DBS Checks For Pharmacists

Like most professions that work with and interact with a range of people on a daily basis, DBS checks for pharmacists are required most of the time. However, there is some confusion over which DBS checks are relevant for which level of the pharmacy employment ladder. With different roles within the pharmacy, employees may not be entirely sure which DBS check is suitable for them. To ensure that there isn’t confusion any longer, here is everything you need to know about DBS checks in a pharmacy.

When Is A DBS Check Needed, and Who Is Eligible?

A DBS check is required for most people working in the healthcare sector, however, a pharmacy is not considered the same as a hospital or GP’s surgery. This means that, even though there can be many people working in a pharmacy, not everyone will be eligible for a DBS check. The eligibility will depend on the role being performed.



The resident pharmacist is the one in charge of most operations at the pharmacy. Because of this, they will require an Enhanced DBS check, which is the highest level of DBS check available. They will require this check to ensure they are able to work with children or vulnerable adults and because they will engage in regulated activity as the  head of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technicians and Dispensary Assistants

The eligibility of pharmacy technicians and dispensary assistants will depend on the location of the pharmacy.

If your technicians or assistants come into regular contact with patients of all ages and in the receipt of care, then they will require an Enhanced DBS check. Despite this, as location will play a factor, it will depend where the pharmacy is.

Technicians and assistants working in a GP surgery will require Enhanced DBS checks with barred list checks. However, high street or community pharmacies will only require an Enhanced DBS check and no barred list checks.

It can be confusing, but by considering the location should give you a more clear idea of whether you or your coworkers require a DBS check.


Additional Staff

Additional staff or employees, especially those working at a typical high street pharmacy but not responsible for dispensing medicine, would not be eligible for either a Standard or Enhanced DBS check as they are not engaging in regulated activity. In this instance, you are under no obligation to apply for these upper-level DBS checks on their behalf.

DBS Check Levels

While some staff members may not require a DBS check, it is still possible, and perhaps encouraged to consider a DBS check pharmacist and employees may need. While there is no requirement for Standard or Enhanced checks, Basic checks are still possible for anyone to apply for, and it could provide you and your patients with peace of mind when visiting your pharmacy.

It may also be your company or establishment policy to carry out DBS background checks on all employees. You do not need to apply for Basic DBS checks for them, as the employee (or prospective candidate) can do this themselves. For upper-level DBS checks, you or a third party must apply on their behalf.


DBS Checks for Pharmacists

DBS checks for pharmacists can be confusing, and you do not want to risk not applying for the correct or adequate level of DBS check when working in a pharmacy or bringing in new members of staff. To ensure a smooth process that follows the law and minimizes the risk of issues further on, it is vital to consider the level of the employees’ role to confirm which level of DBS check they are eligible for. Once you have worked this out, you are free to proceed.

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