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DBS Checks For PCO Drivers 

Recent years have seen an influx in the need for paid transport. This has created an opportunity for employment and many are turning to the Public Carriage Office for the licence that grants them permission to work as a minicab driver or a Chauffeur. To qualify for this licence, however, one first needs to go through the procedure of applying for a DBS check. To talk you through the process, in this article, we’ll discuss “DBS Checks for PCO Drivers – What Do You Need?”

PCO Driver Jobs Require an Enhanced DBS Check

In 2012, a law was passed that made it eligible for all private hire drivers to apply for an enhanced DBS check. Previously, this type of check was only applicable to those who transported vulnerable groups of children and adults. An enhanced DBS check is the highest level of check available and will reveal the following information:

This DBS check for Uber or PCO drivers is a necessary step in applying for the correct licence. It helps employers to verify that the applicant is of good character and will safely transport members of the public.

PCO Driver Jobs

How to Apply for a DBS check for PCO?

In most cases, an enhanced DBS check can only be applied for by an employer or a registered recruitment agency. When individuals are applying for a PCO licence, however, then they can approach their local council to fill out the DBS application form for taxi drivers. Keep in mind that the applicant will still need to request verification from their employer.

The enhanced DBS application form for taxi or PCO drivers can be filled in and submitted online. Once the application form has been accurately completed and submitted, then the results will be sent via email soon thereafter.

Take note: a private hire driver may need to renew their enhanced DBS check at least once in every 3-year cycle.

How Long Does an Enhanced DBS Check Take?

Once your forms have been submitted for an enhanced DBS check, then the results will be emailed to you after a couple of days. Sometimes the investigation may take a little longer. For example, if you sent inaccurate information (perhaps there was a mistake on your form) or if the DBS department is experiencing a surge in inquiries, then you may have to wait longer (even up to a few weeks) for a response. The time can also vary depending on local police searches, if you have multiple addresses, common names, and multiple name changes.

Will a PCO Licence be Approved If an Individual Has a Criminal Conviction?

If a person does have a criminal conviction or a warning against their name, then the PCO licencing authority may still grant them a licence depending on the severity of the offence.

Previous convictions will be assessed on a case by case basis using the following criteria:

  • Nature of the offence(s)
  • The circumstances of the offence that was committed
  • The circumstances of the person concerned
  • The length of the period of good behaviour after the conviction was given
  • Overall conviction history
  • The type of sentence that was given by the court
  • The applicant’s history as a taxi driver
  • Feedback received on the applicant’s general character

Important to note: sexual and violent offences may result in a rejected application for a PCO Licence. Drinking and driving charges, however, may still make one eligible for a PCO Licence.

PCO Driver Jobs

What Else Do You Need to Qualify for A PCO License?

Along with filling out the DBS application form, all potential taxi drivers need to be 21 years and older and you will need to have a valid UK driver’s license that was issued more than 3 years ago.

Do you have more questions about DBS checks for PCO Licences? The Check People are ready and eager to offer more advice and we are waiting to take your call or answer your emails. Please do contact our team of qualified DBS check professionals so that we can assist you.