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Applying For a DBS Check: Online or Paper?

If you’ve ever applied for a DBS check before, it’s possible that you did so using a paper form. This is especially true if you sent off an application many years ago. Like most applications, though, the nature of inputting your details and mailing them off has changed, and you also have the option to do so online. So here is some information about applying for a DBS check: online or paper? And why doing online will be easier, more convenient, and less stressful for you.

Why Apply For an Online DBS Check?

There are several reasons that you should consider applying for a DBS check online. Today, we will explain these reasons, so that even if you currently prefer the paper route, you might change your mind by the time you have finished reading.

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Faster Process

As the online process is done electronically, you can ensure you send off your application immediately. With paper applications, you need to find a stamp, take it to a post box, and wait for the postal worker to collect it before shipping it off to the DBS offices.

Your turnaround time is much faster, as there is no downtime while the application is being transported. While postal applications can take as long as six weeks, it’s possible that you can get an answer regarding your DBS check within hours.

Cheaper For You

Online applications can also turn out cheaper, and not just because you will need to invest in stamps to mail your form. If you are a business applying on behalf of prospective employees for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks, you can look at reduced administration fees for bulk applications.

Likewise, for Basic DBS checks carried out by individuals, you will pay exactly what is requested, with no hidden fees or add ons.

Online Tracking

One excellent benefit of online applications is how you can seek out DBS online tracking. This gives you the chance to check the status of your application at any time and this will give you more peace of mind and confidence knowing that nothing is lost in the mail.

You can track the progress of your application by visiting the Government portal. This tracking is not something you can get with a paper application, so if you are someone who frequently worries about important information getting lost, you will feel more confident.

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Better Communication

If you ever have any questions you need answering with one of the agents at DBS, your online application form makes it easier to discuss these problems with them. Applying online will give you a unique reference number, something you cannot get from your paper application until it arrives.

With this number, they can check the progress of your application and give you an immediate answer. Rather than rifling through paper forms looking for your name. Online forms also make the process much faster, as all they need to do is type the reference in and click search.

Reduced Risk of Errors

Mistakes on your application can delay and hinFder the process, and these mistakes are more likely to happen with a handwritten paper form.

Online forms eliminate the risk of errors. You can check and double check every part of the application to prevent delays and guarantee all of your details and information are accurate.

Better for the Environment

Opting for an online application over a paper form is better for the environment. It eliminates carbon emissions from postal vans, and you also reduce the amount of paper that you use.

If you are looking to do your part for the environment, the online form is the best way forward. Combining this benefit with others makes it clear why most people fill out their DBS checks using the online application.

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Online or Paper?

Even if you’ve only ever applied for a DBS check using a paper application, it’s never too late to consider how much easier an online application will be for you. With a range of useful features that are easy to access whenever you need, you’ll find that shifting from paper to online is the best decision that you have made when considering your DBS checks.

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