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DBS Check For GP Surgeries

Like any profession where you work with vulnerable people, it’s essential to ensure you take out DBS checks on whichever employees your bring on board. This ensures that no matter who books an appointment with whatever illness they might have, they will feel safe and secure in your surgery. If you are a healthcare worker, here is the essential DBS check advice for GP surgeries that you need to know.

Do I Need a DBS Check to Become a GP?

Absolutely. As a medical professional, a DBS check is an essential part of becoming a GP. The reason for this is that as a GP, you will work with a variety of patients that would be considered vulnerable in the eyes of the law.

Whether it’s children, disabled people, or the elderly, the surgery must know that you are free of any spent convictions for whatever potential offenses and are registered to practise medicine in the UK. If you have a history of criminal offenses and do not get a DBS check, both you and the surgery are liable.

GP Surgeries

Who Else Needs a DBS Check?

Aside from doctors dealing with all kinds of patients, any surgery employee who works in a healthcare capacity, such as taking blood, administering vaccinations, or checking for illness symptoms, will require a DBS check.

Furthermore, those who oversee any healthcare procedures, like in the case of senior doctors, will also need a DBS check. Even though they are not undertaking healthcare responsibilities.

Even employees who are not responsible for general or broader healthcare will need to obtain a DBS check before they are permitted to work in a GP surgery. This includes receptionists, volunteers, and even trainees who are not yet qualified to administer healthcare.

Anyone who has a face-to-face interaction with patients, relatives of patients, and friends or social workers or patients will need to have a DBS check to ensure the correct safeguarding measures are met.

What Kind of DBS Check Do I Need?

Medical professionals and anybody providing healthcare such as nurses most likely require an Enhanced DBS Check, as information needs to be checked against the children’s and vulnerable adults’ barred list. People who work in a GP surgery but as not administering healthcare will only need a Basic DBS Check.

However, this is always at the discretion of the surgery, and some may require Advanced or Enhanced DBS Checks for all staff.

How to Find A DBS Application Form

For Basic DBS checks, you can find the application form that employees can fill in themselves online. This ensures anyone who applies and is recruited to work in your surgery can get started as soon as possible with minimal delay.

However, for Advanced and Enhanced DBS checks, you’ll need to undertake the process yourself. This is because individuals cannot scrutinise themselves effectively enough with the types of questions they will encounter on the more in-depth DBS checks.

To make sure that this check goes through smoothly, you can get all the relevant information that is necessary for an Enhanced or Advanced DBS check, including forms of ID and proof of address, among others.

All checks should take anywhere between two and four weeks, although they are sometimes faster in some areas, but that can also be delays if you are in an area with a large demand for DBS checks at that time.

Once you have arranged for the DBS check, it is also useful to get in touch with your regulatory body, such as the Care Quality Commission, to determine if there are any additional checks or policies you need to be aware of to guarantee a secure and correctly safeguarded surgery.

GP Surgeries

Safe and Secure Surgery

By guaranteeing that everyone you employ for your GP surgery has a Basic DBS Check at the very least, you can ensure a safe and comfortable environment for anyone who comes in. This does not just include patients but also any family members who come with them, as well as your own employees who work in the surgery on a daily or even weekly basis.

Healthcare is something that people should be able to get without danger, so it’s worth it investing in DBS checks for everybody who works or volunteers at your surgery.