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 Online DBS Checks Mistakes 

Online DBS checks have made applying for DBS check much more convenient and more straightforward. However, like any online application, mistakes can be made no matter how many times you and whoever is in close by proofreads it. These mistakes are often minor, but they can cause a huge delay for your DBS check. To ensure you never need to wait longer than usual for your DBS check to come through, look out for the most common mistakes made on online DBS checks and guarantee they process everything smoothly.

Incomplete Address

The DBS form requires address history going back five years before your application. It seems obvious, but it’s a common enough mistake that enough people make it every day when filling out their form.

When the form asks for this information, it means every permanent address over the past five years. This includes both the address of your university accommodation (if you are a student) and your regular address back home. If you have updated bank details with different addresses over this time, find out where they were, even if it was just for a short time.

Do not leave any gaps in the to/from box, as your DBS will be rejected automatically.

incomplete address

The Wrong Names

From an incorrect surname to previous names not being included, there are plenty of ways you can make a mistake with your name on your application. If you have had any previous names such as by marriage or changing your name legally (usually swapping first and middle names) then include them both. You should include all names you’ve ever used even if it is not within the five-year period.

You should also include your middle name, even if you never use it. If it appears on other official documents such as your passport, then you must include it. Putting these names on the DBS check is especially important if your name is common (think James Smith or Sophie Jones) as there are likely hundreds of other people with the same name both in your area and around the country.

Differentiating yourself from others helps the service separate you from those who share your name and may have a criminal record and this could affect you even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

A Different Date of Birth

If previous employers filling out a DBS check on candidates have put the wrong date of birth in following an ID check, then this can cause confusion during the official process and slow down the check. It’s essential to look at the applicant’s ID and get everything correct to ensure the dates match up.

It could also be that the applicant has changed their birthday. There is little chance that anyone would want to change their date of birth but it can happen, especially if the parents have misplaced a birth certificate and guess one day or the other. This date must be consistent to ensure a straightforward application.

General Typos

Even the best typers make mistakes when filling out information on the computer. Your fingers will catch against the wrong key and throw an incorrect letter in the middle of a word you type every day. In other instances, this isn’t a big deal. Your spell check might catch it, or you can correct yourself before sending it off. This is not true when you apply for a DBS check.

These typos slow down the process. The person checking your application may need to send a clarification email if you’ve typed something somewhere between two different words that could both work in the information. It’s crucial to go over your application with several pairs of eyes before you submit it as otherwise you risk getting rejected for your DBS check.

General Typos

The Wrong Documents

When filling out your check, the DBS will have a list of documents they require to fulfil the check on their end. The rules behind this are strict, though, and even one mistake can cause your check to grind to a halt.

You’ll find that the necessary DBS check documents are divided into two separate groups. You need to provide the correct information for both of these groups to ensure a straightforward process. Read each instruction carefully and read it again just in case. It might also be smart to read through the form in full before doing anything else so you can collect the documents before starting. Remember that they can only accept original documents and not photocopies, too.

If you encounter any issues collecting documents like your passport, utility bills, and bank statements for whatever reason, get in touch with the DBS.

Get It Right First Time

You’re only human, and there is always the chance that you will make a mistake. Most of the time, you won’t, but there are errors are bound to slip through the cracks at some point. However, as long as you focus on these common mistakes, you’ll have no trouble getting your checked completed and starting your new career.


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