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Can A DBS Check Be Used For Different Jobs?

One question that DBS officials receive more frequently than they’d like is ‘Can a DBS check be used for different jobs?’ For many officials, this is something that concerns them, as a DBS certificate is not automatically portable from one role to another in different companies in organisations. Today, we will explain the complexities of how a DBS check can be used for multiple positions, and why it isn’t automatic.

Applying For A DBS Check

Applying for a DBS check has never been easier, and there are plenty of ways to go about it. Traditionally, applicants filled in a form by hand and included all the relevant information. However, the best way to fill out a DBS application is online.

Filling in your information on an online form reduces the risks of mistakes and also makes it more clear to read for the DBS official. This minimises the risk of delays or outright rejection and allows you to get started with work as soon as possible.

Most jobs will ask for a DBS check before you start work, and depending on the role you will perform, it could be a Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check. Before starting work, the law requires you to have the appropriate DBS certificate.

Applying For A DBS Check

So Are DBS Checks Transferable?

Yes, but also no. DBS checks are only transferable if you have signed up for the Update Service, which you must do within 14 days after receiving the initial DBS certificate. Once you register successfully to the Update Service, your DBS check is portable between jobs.

The service allows you to keep your information updated and gives employers the opportunity to check it whenever they please.

There are many benefits to this. You will not need to apply for a new DBS check with every new job you apply for, and the employer can easily find out any information that has changed regarding your record immediately.

However, if the hiring company requires a higher level DBS check, you may not be able to transfer your check from one role to another. Instead, you will need to apply for the Standard or Enhanced DBS check to ensure you can come into your new role with everything set out correctly. The DBS check must match the role applied for, as the information will help to outline the details of what can and cannot be viewed by the employer.

The jobs that most require upper-level DBS checks include Doctors, Nurses, Contractors, Teachers, Social Workers, and Caregivers, among others.

What Can You Do?

The Update Services costs £13 to register, and you must renew your membership every year. Over time, this could work out cheaper than applying for a brand new DBS check with every new position.

Some companies may use existing DBS checks, but this is at their discretion and is not something that all organisations or businesses will proceed with. If not, they will apply for the DBS check on the applicant’s behalf.

The criteria that will determine whether a company will reuse and existing DBS check are:

  • Company or Organisation policy

There may be rules in place that require up-to-date DBS check for all employees.

  • Policy of the Regulatory Body

If the company is part of a regulatory body, it may be essential that a new DBS check is required for all applicants before they can start work.

  • Elapsed Time since Certificate Issue

While there is no official expiry date for a DBS check, organisations typically renew DBS checks every one to three years. Depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the certificate was issued, e.g. two years, five years, etc. the company may consider whether they want to proceed with requesting a new DBS check or not.

Applying For A DBS Check

Star Transfer

If you are moving to a new organisation or company which requires a DBS check before you can start, you must either apply for a brand new DBS check to ensure all the information on it is up to date, or rather ensure that you have already registered for the Update Service and paid the annual fee to keep your DBS check portable and current.

If you need more information for everything about DBS checks, make sure to browse The Check People Blog to answer any additional questions you might have.