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Are Your Cleaners DBS Checked? 

If a business involves providing any type of services for children or the elderly most people are likely aware employers need to perform DBS checks on their workers. Likewise, if the business is financial services or health care. But what about the more mundane jobs? For instance, are your cleaners DBS checked? While DBS checks are not required to empty the trash bin and vacuum the living room they are nonetheless a good idea.

Cleaning Companies

Better Safe…

Most people who engage the services of a professional cleaning company to tidy up around the office or home take some time to check on their bona fides. They might ask for references and likely read customer reviews. Once satisfied they assume the person doing the actual cleaning will appear on time and perform the work in the requisite manner.

But the person doing the cleaning is almost never the owner of the cleaning business. So why would you assume that just because the business has no black marks against it that such is the case with the cleaner as well? This is nothing against cleaners, most of whom are honest, hardworking people trying to provide for themselves and their families.

But as a general rule, you should never open your door to someone you know nothing about. And that goes for cleaners as well as anyone else. Before you grant someone access to your expensive office equipment or the sanctity of your home it only makes sense to find out if the cleaning company has performed a Basic DBS Check on them.

What is a DBS Check?

DBS checks are performed by the Disclosure and Barring Service and are a way to determine the suitability of a particular person for a particular line of work. In the case of cleaners, a Basic DBS Check can reveal whether the person you are expected to allow into your home has any unspent convictions that might be relevant. Such as for theft.

If the cleaner is self-employed you can ask them to request a DBS application form for themselves. If they work for a cleaning business you can ask the company if they perform checks on their employees.

Do All Cleaning Companies Perform DBS Checks?

There is always the possibility that a cleaning company may be approached by a private school or home for the elderly. Therefore, it would seem in their best interest to perform DBS checks on all potential employees as a matter of course.

However, this is not always the case. Especially for companies that pay their employees cash in order to reduce the cost of doing business. And there are quite a few around. A company such as that may garner positive reviews but still pose a danger because there is no telling the background of the person you’re opening your door to.

Therefore, by asking the cleaning company whether they perform DBS checks on their workers you protect yourself in several ways.

  • First, you’re afforded the peace of mind of knowing the cleaner is likely trustworthy.
  • Second, you have the opportunity to find a more reputable company should you discover the company you have in mind does not perform DBS checks.
  • And Third, should it turn out that the company lied to you about performing DBS checks, and the cleaner removes more than dirt from your home, you have legal ammunition to go after the cleaning company for fraud.

Tip: If a company responds to your inquiry by saying they’ve applied for a DBS check on the cleaner but they are unsure of its status, you should try someone else. The fact is, tracking a DBS application is both possible and common.

Cleaning Companies

It’s The Common Sense Thing to Do

If a stranger came to your door and asked if they could enter your house and look around you would send them away without a second thought. So why would you allow a stranger to enter your home (or office) to clean it without having any idea about their background? DBS checks exist to provide businesses and individuals with a reasonable assurance that the person caring for their loved one, teaching their child or cleaning their home is suitable for the job. Make sure you ask.