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NHS Pre-Employment Checks

NHS jobs are in high demand for a number of reasons. They typically involve rewarding work, employment is considered secure, while pay and benefits are generally good. But working for the NHS often involves working with some of society’s most vulnerable citizens. Even if you are hoping to get a maintenance job with the NHS you will still likely come into contact with children and vulnerable adults. Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for the NHS these are the NHS pre-employment checks you’ll need to undergo.


A Right to Work Check

First off, you will be required to demonstrate that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom. To do so you will need to show some valid, government-issued forms of identification. Acceptable documents include the following:

  • A valid UK passport
  • An EEA or Swiss passport or national identity card
  • A residence permit issued by the Home Office or other appropriate body
  • A permanent residence card issued by the Home Office or appropriate body
  • A biometric immigration document issued by the UK Border Agency
  • A passport which shows the holder immune from immigration controls
  • An immigration status document issued by the Home Office or other body
  • A valid birth certificate issued in the United Kingdom
  • An adoption certificate issued in the United Kingdom
  • A British naturalisation certificate
  • A letter issued by the Home Office indicating the right to an indefinite stay

A Professional Registration Check

If the job for which you are applying is one that calls for professional registration, the NHS will be compelled to check with the appropriate governing body. Should the job in question require a particular license, the NHS will check with the appropriate regulatory body to verify that you are duly licensed.

A DBS Criminal Record Check

Anyone working for the NHS will be subject to a criminal record check conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS. These checks range from the perfunctory Basic DBS Check that looks for unspent convictions to the comprehensive Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List. The Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List is mandatory for anyone whose work will require them to engage in regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults.

Your desired position may not call for you to engage in regulated activity but may bring you into contact with children or vulnerable adults nonetheless. In which case, you will likely need to undergo either a Standard DBS Check or an Enhanced Disclosure Check.

The Standard Check looks for both spent and unspent convictions, as well as official cautions and warnings. While the Enhanced Check looks for the same but also encourages input from local law enforcement regarding any information about an individual they believe relevant.

An Occupational Health Check

Anyone aspiring to work for the NHS must undergo a pre-employment health check. This is a comprehensive health check-up, though one that adheres to established legislation designed to protect individual rights.

Any health check-up must conform to guidelines laid out in the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. That legislation states a person may not be summarily disqualified from employment due to a physical or learning disability.

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An Employment History and References Check

All applicants to the NHS must indicate their full employment history. If there are any gaps in that history they must be clearly indicated. The NHS also typically looks for work references covering at least the previous 3 years.

The Bottom Line

The NHS is resolved to ensure that only qualified individuals obtain positions. Therefore, you can expect that NHS employment checks will be thorough and adhere to the letter of the law. If you have any questions, contact The Check People today.