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5 Tips For Hiring The Right Employee

A business cannot hope to succeed as much as you need it to if you do not hire the right people. This is as true for small businesses as it is for big companies with thousands of employees worldwide. But how do you know whether you are hiring the right people for the job? CVs and interviews can only do so much for you. Because of this, you need to think about it, so here are 5 tips for hiring the right employee every time.

Getting a DBS Check

A DBS check, or criminal record check, is an excellent way to ensure the person you hire is not a risk to your company, employees, or customers. It will give you information regarding any offenses they may have committed, allowing you to make a sensible decision regarding whether you hire them based on the results of the check.

Depending on the role, you can request applicants complete an online DBS check, but this will only be for the Basic level. If you need a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, this is something you will need to apply for on their behalf.

Getting a DBS Check

Career Commitment

An employee who is committed to moving forward in their career will be more motivated and eager than someone who is merely using this job to make money. While this can be a challenge for those working in retail, as this is typically populated by teenagers or part-time university students in their first job, there is still the possibility that they could see themselves moving up the ranks becoming a manager later on.

People who switch carers too frequently could be a red flag, although this trend is changing because of reduced opportunities for promotion in specific industries. It’s worth asking about their career goals during the interview to get a decent idea of their plans.

Compatibility With the Team

An employee who blends in well with the team will be a fantastic asset to your business, so if possible, you can introduce them to the rest of the team and even offer an experience day to give them an idea of what a typical day at your office is like.

Through this, you can see how they interact with others (although group interviews are also useful for this), and also help them get an idea of the company culture and how they react to this culture. While it’s worth remembering that some people can be shy or awkward, especially in interviews, you don’t want to hire someone who you do not feel will get on well with the team, clients, or you.

Don’t Forget the Interns

Interns are often forgotten when it comes to hiring, but they are arguably some of the best people to bring in when you are searching for new staff.

They know the company culture and are already familiar with how things work around the office, having built relationships with paid staff and perhaps even clients. They have come into work every day without pay for the experience, and that shows determination and dedication. If you are struggling to find the perfect hire, consider the interns. They will appreciate it, and it will save a lot of onboarding time.

Improve Your Hiring Process

Improve Your Hiring Process

You can never expect to hire the right employee if you do not improve your hiring process. If you have experienced too many employees letting you down, then maybe your hiring process is not sufficient to weed out those who are unsuitable for the role.

Rather than focus on the so-called ‘magic bullet questions’, instead focus on understanding their competency, confidence, attitude, and other factors which can benefit your business. Furthermore, when advertising the job, be sure to list qualities you need for the role. This may reduce the number of applications, but it will ensure you do not waste anyone’s time applying for a job they are not qualified for.

Hiring the Right People

Recruitment can be tricky, and you will not get it right every time. However, with these five tips, you can minimise the number of problems you encounter and ensure that you hire the right employee.

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