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5 Jobs Which Require Criminal Record Checks

Everyone is pretty clear on the need to do background checks on people working with children and vulnerable adults. But DBS Checks are actually required for a variety of different positions. For instance, did you know a scrap metal dealer needs to obtain a DBS Check before they can get to work? It’s true. Why? Because scrap metal dealers are required by law to keep comprehensive records of the people who they purchased scrap metal from. And it’s possible this information could be misused. Hence, the DBS Check. Here are another 5 jobs which require criminal records checks. The results will shock you!

5 Positions That Require a Criminal Record Check

1. Chartered Accountant 

Chartered accountancy is often thought of as one of the more mundane professions. The accountant keeps a record of income and expenses and the biggest risk they face is losing track of the details. But that’s precisely why chartered accountants require a Standard DBS Check. You see, accountants have direct access to and, in many cases control over, the finances of others. Among other potential misdeeds, an unscrupulous accountant may be able to redirect a portion of those monies for nefarious purposes, or bill a client for work that wasn’t actually performed. As such, it’s important the government is reasonably certain those registering as chartered accountants be trustworthy individuals with a clean record. Therefore, anyone applying to register as a chartered accountant must undergo a DBS Check.

Chartered Accountant 

2. Pest Control

Pest control? This seems an odd profession to require a DBS Check. After all, what’s the risk? That the pest control worker may bring harm to a mouse? Actually, the reason pest control workers are required to undergo a DBS Check is that they typically find themselves in people’s homes. For that reason, anyone entering this profession will need to undergo a Basic DBS Check before they can begin work. If their work will take them into schools, hospitals or eldercare facilities, they’ll need to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check. And in some cases An Enhanced Check with Barred List. The law is quite specific about DBS Checks for anyone coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults during the course of their work.

3. Traffic Warden

Here’s another position that requires a DBS Check. Though many people don’t understand why. After all, the traffic warden’s job usually amounts to little more than patrolling a given area on foot, checking for illegally parked cars and issuing the occasional parking ticket. So why do they need DBS Checks? For a number of reasons. For instance, during the course of their day, they may encounter vehicles that have been left unlocked with valuables inside that could be easily taken. Or they may encounter children left in a vehicle while their parents went into a shop. For these reasons and more, anyone aspiring to be a traffic warden will need to undergo an Enhanced DBS Check.

4. Locksmith

Locksmith is another profession that is short on glamour but long on potential for misconduct. As such, anyone aspiring to become a member of the Master Locksmiths Association will need to submit to a Standard DBS Check. No exceptions. If you take a moment to consider what locksmiths do this makes a lot of sense. The very nature of their training means a locksmith is in possession of the knowledge and tools necessary to find their way into virtually any home or business. Granting someone a license to do so without first performing a background check is neglect of the highest order. Professional locksmiths in the UK are some of the most trustworthy individuals you’ll encounter. In large part that’s because those with a checkered past are not allowed to enter their ranks.


5. Bar Supervisor

Anyone applying to become a pub landlord must prove they are fit to do so. This goes for anyone who supervises any premises where alcohol is served. Everyone is aware of the potential problems associated with alcohol abuse. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the bar supervisor to make sure alcohol is dispensed in a responsible manner. But if the aspiring bar supervisor has a record of drunken encounters with the police they would likely be better off in another line of work. Specific councils may have their own requirements for the issuing of pub licenses and the like. Regardless, they will also need to apply for a DBS certificate for the candidate.


There are subtle and unconsidered aspects to many professions that make DBS Checks necessary. The 5 professions listed above are good examples. On the surface, they may seem mundane, harmless occupations. But a slightly closer look at the nature of the work reveals why DBS Checks are often required. If you are wondering “Do I need to check my criminal record for this position?” contact The Check People today.