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13 Top Tips To Help You Find A New Job

There will always come a time in our lives when we feel like change is needed. Whether it be a new hairstyle or completely different lifestyle, it’s essential to grab the opportunity with both hands and see what happens.

Finding a new job can seem like a tricky process; especially if you aren’t sure on what you want to do. However, with the following 13 tips in mind, you’ll never have to search ‘how to get a new job’ again. These tried and tested tips will help you smash the job-hunting process and get a new lease of life in no time!

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Top 13 Tips To Help You Get A New Job

1. Stay Organised

It might be tempting to apply for every job you come across, but you’ll soon get overwhelmed when you forget who you’ve been in contact with! Although there’s no limit on how many jobs you should apply for when hunting for one, it’s important to stay organised while doing so. There’s a simple fix to this; keep a list or spreadsheet full of the jobs you’ve applied for and who you’ve been in contact with. You can refer to this list every time you apply for a new job – it’ll save the awkwardness of applying somewhere twice.

2. Complete An Online DBS Check

It is very common for an employer to request a DBS check from you. A DBS check will bring your criminal record to light, highlighting any past crimes you may have committed. If you really want to stay one step ahead, you can complete an online check through The Check People and save your employer from the hassle. They’ll love you for it!

3. Know Exactly What You Want

Don’t apply for every single job offer you come across. You’ll soon find yourself working 5 days a week in a job you have no interest in. Instead, take time out of the application process to discover exactly what you want from a job. It will really help you find the job of your dreams – as cliché as it sounds.

4. Network, Network, Network!

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, then we suggest you apply for one. LinkedIn allows you to connect and network with people in your desired industry. It’s a useful tool that will get your name out there – and potentially in the eyes of an employer.

5. Get Valuable Experience

It’s true what they say – experience will boost your job application immensely. Although not always easy, there’s no harm in reaching out to organisations and seeing if they will offer any unpaid experience work. Even a week’s worth of volunteering will look incredible on your CV.

6. Follow Up On Interviews

One of the best interview tips out there is to follow up with the employer the day after your interview (unless they’ve already given you a specific decision deadline). Following up after an interview will show just how enthusiastic you are about getting the job. A little nudge will go a long way.

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7. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

It’s only natural to put pressure on yourself when finding a job, especially if you’re unemployed while doing so. Although paying the bills is necessary, jumping into a job which will make you miserable is not. Give yourself plenty of time to research into different job roles in order to establish the best fit for you.

8. Tailor Your Application To The Job

Lying on your CV will create a big red flag, but tailoring it to the job your applying for will help you out. If a certain job favours certain traits or types of experience, then tailor your application to focus more heavily on those areas. It’s important to make your most important skills stand out; especially if a huge part of the job role will depend on them.

9. Dress To Impress

You may prefer to sit around in PJs, but it’s best to leave them at home on the day of your interview. Dressing up smartly will prove that you don’t only look after yourself, but you actually care about your appearance, too. Dressing smartly to an interview will be a huge compliment to the employer.

10. Talk Kindly About Previous Employers

It’s very easy to go off on a rant about past employment, we get that. However, when it comes to applying for a new job, try and leave the past at home. Your new employer may feel like you’re being disrespectful; does that mean you’ll end up disrespecting them, too?

11. …And Get A Reference From Them

References are extremely beneficial when in a competitive job application landscape. A great reference from a past employer could be the magic needed to win your new employer over. A reference will help to distinguish you from the crowd and prove exactly what it’s like to work alongside you. So, with this in mind, keep on good terms with past employers. You may just have to ask them for a favour.

12. Don’t Limit Yourself To Online Applications

Applying for a job online is incredibly simple; so simple, that absolutely everyone will be doing it. In this day and age, it is incredibly hard to stand out amongst the swarms of online applications! Use this knowledge to your advantage and try alternative ways to apply for jobs. Why not ask the business directly if they’re hiring? Send a letter to a firm you have your eye on? The hard work may just pay off.

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13. Ask All The Important Questions

When it comes to finding a new job, it’s important to ensure that the company is a right fit for you, too. It’s true what they say – you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you! Before you go to the interview, be sure to have a few questions in mind that you can ask at the end. Whether that be regarding work benefits or regarding day to day life, asking questions will prove that you’re interested!

Good Luck In Your New Job!

With these 13 tips in mind, you’ll have the confidence needed to ace an interview and land a job that you care about. And remember – a DBS check is an important part of any application process. Get in touch with us today for more information on how to apply for a DBS check online.